Now… I know you have no clue where this is going. LOL

And this is a big Laughing Out Loud.

100 Million is a big number… Maybe it’s the age of our planet? Maybe it is the number of people killed in our lifetime? Maybe it is the number of burgers sold in California in a month?? Maybe it is the number of divorces on record? LOL

Let’s all make lists of things that relate to the number 100 million….

Well, the funniest is a barometer of how much waste we can achieve with little effort. Environmentalists take note! Carbon emissions kill. And so does money wasted by us all that could serve better purposes… like world hunger??

Well it so happens that in the great state of North Carolina in the year of our Lord 2014… 100 million dollars is being spent on the election for Senator of the United States. Democratic and Republican Parties are spending this much trying to defeat the other. Shame on all of us that we have risen so low.

We have a system of laws and regulations meant to control outside influence that have created infinite opportunities for abuse. Our politicians are not protecting our nation. They just play at politics in that sandbox in Washington. LOL?

Where are leaders with vision? Where are leaders who stay their course rather than bend with the wind? Moral certitude? Abandoned. Mocked. Neutered.

Sometimes I wish the media would show steadfast commitment to our time-tested values and morals. Is it asking too much? Our schools are bending to sentiment and feelings and political correctness… We are digging cultural ditches beyond our imagination. Our civilization is finding more reasons to disagree than to agree.

Laughter is no longer funny. Laughter is fake when all else is chaos.

Maybe it is time for a Leader to return.

Chris Bent


1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud (coming in 2015)

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