What should the age be for what?  I repeat!  What should the age be for what?  Who decides??  Who decides?? Should we decide who decides? When can we change who decides?  When can we change what?  Do we have any say in anything?  When will we decide to agree on something?

When I was young you had to be 21 to drink, but not to lose your life in combat.  When I was young you could start driving at 16.  That’s about it.

Who has the list of ages at which you can do what?  When is a child still a child?  If a child can perpetrate a heinous act when is he responsible for it?

A lot of tough questions to be thrown at the judicial system.  We appear to be abrogating decisions to codes and regulations which are becoming more and more complex.  Lawyers are becoming regulations clericals, parsing fine print and passing on elaborate recommendations to their superiors who are experts  at same.  We lowly citizens then must be able to unravel their articulations and extract direction.  Except we can’t without an attorney.

It is now more noble to protect the criminal than the victim.

I think I read recently that the cutoff age for some issue was 12.  If you are 11 then you are safe… My how times have changed.  How does a parent be a parent anymore without knowing all the rules and regulations?

Since we have discredited religion, the responsibility for protecting ourselves falls on government.  Makes sense, except we are heading down the path where there will be more government employees than private business employees.  But is it not business that pays the taxes that funds the government?

I don’t get it?

Glad I am over 18.

Chris Bent

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