27,000 PAGES

When I was a kid, things were pretty simple.  If Johnny said something mean to me I just hit him and that was the end of it.  I then grew a bit and got my Kentucky driver’s  license, signed one form, drove the test… and was free for life!

There was a thing called the handshake back then.  It worked for most agreements.  I wasn’t old enough for a job or taxes.  Life was easy to understand.  There weren’t many lawyers.

I went in the Navy and my income tax form was really simple as pie.  You could figure it out..  maybe 2-3 pages, a deduction, and you got a check. This worked for a long time.  I got out and it still was a non-event.  Your company supplied your W-2 , you deducted your mortgage stuff, some charity,  and put a stamp on the envelope.  It was a little more for a small business, but the accountant had it figured out.

Fast forward.  Today’s tax code is 27,000 pages.  The fine print tries to outwit the payee.  Every possible interpretation is potentially covered in infinite fine print.  Hello??  Tilt!!  How did this happen?  Who is to blame?  This is evil.  This is bureaucracy gone wild.   Where is the Bureaucracy Police?  Where is transparency?  It has been stabbed in the aorta by keyboards and fine print.  Is this really government protecting us or is it white collar crime on the grandest scale?  Where are the environmental watchdogs?  This is our economic environment that is being strangled by an administrative shell game.

Who writes this stuff anyway?  Who signs off on it?  Isn’t it time to say “Throw the bums in jail!”?  Every government says they are going to make things simple and they lie to us.  Remember the 9-9-9 concept?  It may have been brilliant with a few adjustments, but NOT 27,000 pages worth!!!

We need SEAL politicians who will not quit or flinch in the face of fully armed special interest attorneys.  It is time to “just do it”.  Chuck it all.

And now that we have a concept… How about applying it to the deficit?  The budget.  The entitlements.  Make a bill a bill with no attachments, no pork, no special interest addendums.  Make everything stand on its own.  Just do it.

Well, maybe this postulating is too late. Maybe 27,000 pages has sealed our fate and the cliff is here.  I see the top of the waterfall 100 yards ahead…  The noise……..aghhh… See ya.  Hooyah.


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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