Why do men want so much?

Back in the beginnings of civilization or even existence, the male of our species was the provider and protector.  He was in charge of life and death, rules and punishment.  The woman was in charge of birth, nurturing and pleasure.

Over the millenniums more and more rules were established to protect order and fragile justice.  Life was tribal, then cultures formed creating new interpretations of old rules.

Not all that much fine print on scrolls?  Men fought the wars.  Killed off enough to rule for a while until the cycle repeated itself.  Woman was always second and mainly voiceless.  Pleasure for the male was insured by laws…harsh laws…  which still stand in significant parts of the world today.  Look at the headlines.

Women’s rights are still at a standstill in Africa, the Middle East, and the Orient…  It ain’t right.  Meanwhile we dither about our glass ceilings…

I don’t need to be promised 57 virgins to go to heaven.  That is sexist too.  I don’t dream about flopping around naked on clouds in exotic heavenly pleasures.  Anyone who promises such is lying.   I just want the assurance I get to see my mom and dad again… and get to know their parents, and their parents’ parents.  I believe I can not kill anyone if I want to get there.  I believe I have to ask for forgiveness to qualify.  I want to be able to receive forgiveness from all who I had hurt.  It may take a little time… but that would be heaven to me.

Rules should be made for human beings, not genders.

They should all be updated and simplified so they can easily be texted and shared on Facebook.  Get governments out of the rule business.  It seems like they are adding amendments and qualifications weekly.  Who can keep track of all the fine print.  Sign here??..  and be held accountable in cyber-space for eternity.

Oops.. I didn’t read the fine print.

It is only two old virgins.


Chris Bent



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