What a wonderful “Live” show.  Young people singing their hearts out in pursuit of fame and recognition and love…  I like all the “Live” shows as they are so much more real than all the other shows which are so expertly edited and formed to entertain us.  Every nuance and sound is studied to be “just so” before being released to us to pretend as real.  America’s Got Talent, X Factor, Dancing With The Stars, and so on… help us see stars being formed.. and they are live!!!   Well, sort of…  Actually the NFL and NBA are more live.

As your stars are formed they morph into idols that we all can follow and dream about.   They become idols to millions of followers.  Of course, there are celebrity idols in movies.  There are celebrity executives in business,  and in every endeavor in life.  The media turns them into idols depending upon the fashions of the moment.  Idols are born right in front of us.  Thank God we have enough of them to give every one of us our own idol.  American Idol-atry is part of our culture.  Like having someone to love and admire when we are “in-between” relationships.

Idols are actually far away from us living their own lives.  Moreover, we can still envy their fame and good fortune.  Ok, maybe not envy, but certainly enjoy and share in their luck.  Then we have the magazines and television to help us stay on top of their good luck…  However,  in not too long a time we will start to read about their human side.  They begin to have problems.  Our idols start to take on flaws when the lighting is no longer perfect…

It doesn’t matter. “Live” TV will once again give us new idols to fantasize about.  Whew…  started to worry.

You know, some really good idols have charities that they assist or create.  Nice.  I like these idols.  I still like to read about all their love affairs and cars….  And… the inevitable weight gain and… the inevitable drinking challenges.  Oh well, being an idol ain’t easy….

The problem is that the next step for an idol is that they become god-like.  The word “idol” speaks of worship like in the ancient old days.  This is dangerous territory.

When you start down the idol road and take your first nibble of this pleasure you give up a little of yourself.  We all know about the perils of addictions.  But this idolization has to be harmless??  Though when we love an idol are we not giving up a small part of our self?  Is this the wasting of self??  Is self not a precious resource?  Is self an endangered species? Should we not treat it with more care??

In an era of eco-everything why should we not be concerned about the wasting of our unique spirit?  We exercise to protect our bodies.  We watch calories to watch our weight.  Why don’t we watch our media input to protect our souls and values??

OMG, don’t you love that acronym???  Texting and social media are adding so much new richness to our stale vocabulary.  LOL,  Laughing Out Loud.  OMG, Oh My God.  We are learning to “acronymize” (my word) almost anything.  Abbreviating substance….  LOL.

American idols are allowing us to minimize the significant.  This cultural erosion distracts us from developing our individual character.  This gives us the excuse to put off the creation of our own uniqueness which can only be defined by the values of integrity, honesty, humility and compassion.  How can we mean anything to anyone if we are not formed in these values?

OMG am I asking questions about God??!!    LOL.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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