American Sniper is a movie made from a book by a real person.  It is biographical non-fiction.  The author was murdered.  Chris Kyle was a good man.  A very good man.  His murderer was sick and evil and one of us.

This movie is on the way to be one of the all-time largest grossing films.  All competition are fantasy fiction movies. All are pure entertainment and escapes from reality.

American Sniper is not.  Its greatness and appeal is from confronting issues head on with artistic realism.  We are forced into conversations that all other movies avoid.  What to do about evil?  Who can do something about it?  Does evil exist?  We get criticized if we try to define what is good or bad.  Sad state of affairs.

The movie makes us think about what military families give up for us.  The movie provides moral dilemmas facing the soldier.  It is not impersonal but personal.  Memories haunted by acts of horror and doubt.

We have Navy SEALs to do some special assignments in the quiet.  Risk taking at the extreme.  Beyond conventional boundaries.  Special Warfare is special.  Training is beyond imagination.  You know nothing about it.

The movie misses giving us a real feeling of the exhaustion and pain endured .  Hell week is a week of indescribable fortitude and compromise.  You have to give up your being to trust. Trust that you will not die. You may quit at any time.  A choice that terrifies you every moment.

Leaders are forged.

They know what it takes.

Moral leadership requires moral leadership.

The world needs us.

“Quitting is not an option.”



  1. I agree, American Sniper is an excellent movie, and a talented and compassionate portrayal of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and his story. We saw the movie this weekend and I want to see it again. There is so much going on in the movie I was transfixed, and I know I missed some of the finer points in the action.

    Gos Bless Chris, the Navy SEALs, and all Military vets who put their lives on the line to keep America safe and free.

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