Don’t despair.  Wonderful phrase.  Used it in the last article.  This is part two.

Don’t despair, avoidance is the powerful management tool now available to you to control the unexpected.  For only a $15.00 monthly charge this App, and the “Whatever App”, can be yours.  Complete protection from all unplanned discomfort.  Download now.  For $5.00 additional you can have our unlimited warranty that will reimburse you for any momentary disruption.  Now available for iPhone.  iPad version will be coming soon.

Whatever.  This is the most powerful new shield from our teenagers to help us cope with any question posed to us at any moment.  Just look at the floor for a moment and say “Whatever” as you pass by and achieve another avoidance victory.  Teenagers have simplified avoidance methodology into one word.  We owe them a lot.  After all, they are only distilling the obvious as they watch adults do the same thing with exhausting articulations and excuses.  Like…  “sorry I am late”….   “I couldn’t pick up my phone”…  “ask your mom”…  “let me get back to you”….  “that is on the agenda for next week”….   (add your own…   LOL ).  “WHATEVER!”.

Then there is the attack meant for distraction.  It is masterfully playing itself out in media and politics ad nauseum.  Grab an airsickness bag when you turn on the TV.  Which network do I trust, which ad do I trust, which reporter do I trust, which leader do I trust ???   Every accusation has a ring of truth somewhere in it.  The power and the undeniable evil of the half truth.   But why???   Why are we allowing this??  Avoidance.  We wish to avoid any discomfort.  So we , yes we, let them get away with it.  Accusing is deflecting.  Accusing or counter-accusation is avoidance.  Avoid the truth.  Avoid values.  Avoid tough love.  “Whatever” is the solution.  Avoidance is the dilution.  It is diluting our culture, civilization, history, and self-respect.

Don’t despair.  Whatever.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, Me

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