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Due North

Posted on September 28, 2018 by Chris Bent

I can remember the phrase “Due North” since way back as a kid. First compass? North Star? You got all your bearings from due North. Had to know it was right to plot courses. Whether sextants at sea or compass at land True North had to be known. If you …

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Decorative Pillows

Posted on June 6, 2018 by Chris Bent

Boy, have I been waiting a long time to get into this subject. Nobody ever warned me… no father, no brother, no friend, no priest, no doctor, no mortician, and no lawyer. Excuse me if I missed your profession. I am mad. LOL Marriage is a good thing. Ch …

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Divided We Fall

Posted on May 31, 2018 by Chris Bent

Democrats and Republicans. It’s nasty. Partisan wars. Character assassination is the glory of media. Good and evil. The other party is evil. The other party is never good. Satan’s trap has been laid for our own self-immolation. Debate is no longer an a …

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Great Wall Of DACA

Posted on January 30, 2018 by Chris Bent

I don’t think we realize how many walls we have built in the 21st Century. Walls in schools against morality and patriotism. Walls in congress between parties. Walls in hearts against committing to real needs. Walls of diversity. Walls of opportunity. …

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Posted on January 22, 2018 by Chris Bent

Re-Posted From Every night we close our eyes on a hopefully soft pillow and under sheets and covers and polartec. Polartec is great. I call it DreamFleece. Soon good and bad dreams fill our being with hope or despair. It is a virtual …

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Good Hair

Posted on September 1, 2017 by Chris Bent

Good hair seems more important than good health. Why do all the TV weather announcers have good hair? From all the magazines it seems like every woman has shiny hair with soft curls. You go in the grocery store and you see a lot of bad hair. Now color …

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Posted on August 14, 2017 by Chris Bent

Do you know the smell of C4? Is bomb a noun or a verb? Does a bomb have a mother? Broadway shows bomb. Relationships bomb. Countries bomb. Each other. Sometimes there is no other answer… Too many mosquitos?? Bomb… “Bombs away” saved civilization in the …

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Posted on August 7, 2017 by Chris Bent

There is a brain cancer spreading. It is severe on the left side of the brain. The right side really cannot function without the left. You see, the left side is now full of negative opinions. Cerebral gossip taken to self-destructive levels. Incoherent …

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New Life Form

Posted on August 7, 2017 by Chris Bent

It was a new life form from a rock in Mars… It invaded the space station. Horrific stuff. I stopped the movie halfway through. We have enough new life forms already to try to contain. Heck, look at the atrocity of the Middle-East. Terrifying things hap …

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The Blacksmith

Posted on July 31, 2017 by Chris Bent

What does forge mean? Valley Forge??? “Forge ahead men.”… Sounds like a WW1 command in some God-awful trench. Forge ahead to an unlikely victory… and more likely to a gruesome death in some mud in Europe. Something that is made in a forge is made in gr …

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