Last chapter first is the title which is the farthest from birth. But that is how life is. Now is where we are and birth was where we started. We started? I started? Birth is a miracle to some. A glorious miracle. Especially if it is your own birth. To many it is an evolutionary event, which still, also defies description. At birth I became me… or at least the beginning of me….

Amazing how girls turn out so pretty. Amazing how so many kids live in surroundings that are so ugly. Amazing at how the year of your birth defines your history. The history of the world at that moment is the beginning from which you make a difference to those around you if….you so choose.

We might not have chosen our birth but what we do with it is up to us. As we grow and as the mirror begins to interest us we have a choice to keep looking at the mirror or to ignore the physical and start to search the unseen. For it is what we cannot see that is the most important part of forming our last chapter. Do we choose to see what we cannot see to define who we might be? The birth of the unseen? That is our most important choice.

>Hope is unseen. Faith is unseen. Your choice. For without either existence borders on the irrelevant. Values seem to be important to the outcomes of life. Some exceedingly bright people contend they are the causes of wars and poverty. To others values forge truth and behavior that affirm hope and faith.

Birth. What is it all about Alfie? What is the meaning of life? If it is meaningless then it is only about endless wars and misery. They keep us busy fighting or avoiding until our life is over and our birth is invalidated. Evolution is a scientific distraction to occupy intellects until they die and become part of the dust of evolution. I just cannot ascribe to these dark and negative notions. I don’t understand life but I sure believe there is more to it. Good is something good. Kindness is something kind. Honesty is something honest. Unselfishness is just unselfish. These are the bricks of something profoundly important. These are the bricks of values. These are the bricks of meaningful human behavior. These are the bricks you want to build your house with.

Is birth meaningless? Are you pro birth or pro death? Are you pro values or pro “who cares”? Is your own birth of any consequence to you or your family? Are you just a “whatever”? Are you a God or a no-God person? Not questions to dismiss unless you are stupid. Really stupid.

Love. You did not know love prior to birth. Is that not a reason just to love birth? Have we not found love to be powerful in our lives? Without it we hide and are insecure. Without it we turn to substitutes that are painful and self-deprecating. Lovelessness really is at the root of all discord and false philosophy….. and false religion. Birth must be consummated by love or forget it. Do I want my kid to have values? Do I want my kids to know love?

Darn it, birth creates so many decisions. I wish birth would go away.

Thank God for December 25th.

Chris Bent

Naples, FL

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