BombDo you know the smell of C4?

Is bomb a noun or a verb?

Does a bomb have a mother?

Broadway shows bomb.

Relationships bomb.

Countries bomb.

Each other.

Sometimes there is no other answer…

Too many mosquitos?? Bomb…

“Bombs away” saved civilization in the ‘40’s…. depending upon your bias. Your bias would be irrelevant or non-existent if we had lost. Who loses? The dropper or the dropped on?

Maybe the same hold for words. Some hurt. Some are necessary. Some scar. Some heal. Your choice which to be….

Asia is so pretty… Lotus blossoms and all….

The Middle East needs a bomb. There is no greenery anyway.

Korea needs a bomb. Who goes first?

Why are bombs needed? I don’t think we know until after they are used…. Then debate and accusation reign. Victory means the loss of 100s of thousands of lives for the loser. Just to get 100 bad guys.

I am sorry, but bad guys are stupid and to whom life holds little value other than their own. We are not bad guys. To say we are makes you stupid. That’s my opinion protected by the vanishing First Amendment…

Korea should be one country. Your choice as to which.

Sin is a bomb. Ask Adam.


Chris Bent, former Navy SEAL UDT-21, is the author of 11 books. Troubled by all the pain and injustice in the world he is driven to write in brief chapters that touch universal truths. Helping us search and find where we are meant to go. Helping us make a difference. Helping us not to quit. Hopefully.


  1. Peter H. says:

    Excellent. Keep writing.

    Until every church disciples every man…

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