Best Book Yet (1-800-Age-Or-Wisdom), July 1, 2021

I’ve loved every book, and this is the best one yet. With all the evil in the world I know others are asking the same question I have, “What can I do to help fix this?” – and this book gives several practical answers to that question. 5 Stars Frogfather!

Linda Rader, February 28, 2017

Chris Bent,   Comments on book excerpt videos. Very good content.  Thought provoking to hold ones attention, yet not conclusive. Would do much better to conclude with Jesus. Linda Rader

1-800-Old-People-Matter Is A Page Turner, January 29, 2017

Chris Bent, you have a real gift for writing thought provoking books with short chapters….each of which has humor, a catchy literary style, and a powerful message on which to reflect.

Chris’s overriding message is to live the Golden Rule, reaching out to assist others while also looking inward to address our own shortcomings.  Collectively, his thoughts convey a clarion call for all of us to look beyond self-satisfaction and to focus on what we can do to help others and to better the world in which we live.  Presented without espousing specific religious doctrine, his latest book is a page turner–always encouraging the reader to see what is next in Chris’s captivating messages.

John E. Sampson, Retired Fortune 500 Senior Executive

1-800-Old-People-Matter Provides Wisdom For All Ages, January 29, 2017

Despite the title, this book provides wisdom for all ages with the key message that a person’s true beauty, strength, and age lies within. Worth a read.

Michael Hopkins – Attorney at Law, Naples, FL

Lots of Wisdom In 1-800-Old-People-Matter, January 29, 2017

There’s a lot of wisdom within these pages. And, sad to say, who better to judge than us “old people.”

Dr. Francis B. Cleary (Retired)

Senior Dental Staff and OPD Director, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT

1-800-Old-People Matter Made Me Laugh And Then Ponder, January 29, 2017

I was not aware you were in your 70’s  I am too, so I really got a kick out of all you said.

You made me laugh and then stop and ponder.  Good book!

Dorothy K.  Ederer

1-800-Old-People-Matter Sees Through To The Heart, January 29, 2017


Once again you demonstrate a remarkable ability to cut thru the fat and see the heart. What I find particularly impressive is your ability to do it in understated yet strong terms.

Robert J. Picone

A Man In Black Skin, September 5, 2016

Review of 1-800-OH-MY-BLACKNESS
by Vernon K. Jackson

Chris, I am a black man… better stated, I am a man in black skin.

You capture and present a view of the uncolored spirit that lives inside. You have captured the unique way to challenge the heart with the eyes, the eyes with the morals, the soul with the flesh and essence of survival with eventual death if we continue to turn a blind eye to the truth that screams for change. The eyes that read this book will be forever changed. The mind will question. Long established misconceptions will be reevaluated. And hopefully change how we view, treat and learn from those born with differences.

Vernon K. Jackson

Adam Bomb Is The Bomb!, September 5, 2016

Review of 1-800-OH-MY-BLACKNESS
by Harold G. Weeks, President NAACP – Naples, FL

Chris, just got finished reading your book. A lot to digest, but so much of it, if not all of it, point on. I’m flattered that Nancy thinks this highly of me to offer you my opinion. What stuck out the most in the reading was values and respectability. I try to teach the young people I mentor the three “Rs”, reliability, respectability, and responsibility.

Adam Bomb was the bomb, I hope I’m hunched over with pride helping others.

Harold G Weeks, President, NAACP Collier County, Naples, FL

One Must Be Stupid To Not See Love Going Bad…, August 24, 2016

5.0 out of 5 stars One Must Be Stupid To Not See Love Going Bad…, August 17, 2016
This review is from: 1-800-Only-For-Love
Chris puts words to the feelings that we have all most likely felt at some point in our lives . He guides us to some new thoughts that one needs to self-evaluate. Yes…WWIII has started…Yes…one must be stupid to not see Love going bad and Yes…a young vet far from home waiting for a letter that never comes is all part of Love. Love backwards IS very close to evil. Yes…God Loves us.

Book Review on 1-800-Only-For-Love, August 15, 2016

Book Review on 1-800-Only-For-Love

by Lee

Chris, all I can say is WOW… Yesterday I did not give much thought to your new book. However, I started reading 1-800-Only-For-Love. I have put it down only to let you know how powerful I think it is. Just half way through it and it brings tears to my eyes, chapter after chapter. I cannot tell you how much it mirrors my life. We have often spoken about personal feelings and events in our lives and how similar they are. This book tells it all. What we have given up over the years in order to advance ourselves. Turning our backs on Love when really it has been what we lost, what we needed, and what we were searching for, even today. I want to give my daughters, daughters-in-law, Ex-wife, and current roommate/girlfriend a copy to read. It says a lot that I cannot express for myself. Thanks and God Bless. ~ Lee

Inspiration for Veterans – Book by Chris Bent, October 29, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars An inspirational read for Veterans, October 29, 2015
This review is from: 1-800-For-Veterans-Only

I will always have a special place in my heart for our veterans. Growing up in a military family, I spent my childhood years living on various Air Force bases, learning the lingo, and exploring the far corners of the world while my father flew various missions in both peacetime and conflict. This upbringing has given me a love and appreciation of anything written about the military, whether it be a Tom Clancy thriller or a World War II biography. Author Chris Bent has written some wonderful books in the past few years and I simply love his latest, “1-800-For-Veterans-Only”.

Bent definitely has a way with words and his short essays on a variety of topics are conversational, often very witty, and sometimes quite touching. There are so many things that are touched on in this read that it would be impossible not to strike a chord with someone who has had any connection to the military over their lifetime, myself included. From thoughts on enlisting, experiences at boot camp, early days in the service and the uncertainties faced, to the battleground itself. Bent discusses not only what it’s like to come home after a deployment, but the experiences of being a veteran and some of the darker aspects of this that we see in our country today.

One of the things that I found most inspiring about Bent’s latest was his ability to speak directly to those veterans who may be out there and possibly struggling. There is some very sage wisdom in this one and it certainly has the potential to turn some lives around. Very well done. (This is an unbiased book review and the opinions given here are 100% my own.)​

A wonderful laugh out loud journey. 1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud, May 14, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful laugh out loud journey, May 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
This Amazon review is from: 1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud

I had recently read author Chris Bent’s “1-800-For-Women-Only” and was so impressed with that volume that I went in search of some other works that I could pick up. As laughter is good for the soul, I couldn’t resist this one and have found Bent to be a talented writer with his timeless wisdom that he has a knack for turning into a great yarn full of wit and some really funny tales.

“1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud” is a series of many short chapters that give Bent the opportunity to share his ideas on a variety of subjects, with a humorous “bent” (pun intended) meant to bring levity and joy to the reader. They definitely deliver and I simply loved every minute of his musings. Whether he is telling you his opinion of Pharrell Williams, talking about a puppy named Tina, trying to remember puberty, or any number of stories, there are laughs to be had here. However, it’s not all fun and games. There are some touching and insightful chapters in this book that really moved me. Bent spends time talking about obituaries, the passing of Robin Williams, and several other timely topics. If you get a chance, read his chapter on “black tennis balls” – one of my favorites.

Another incredibly well-written and insightful book from a writer that has lived a long and purpose-driven life. Whether laughing out loud or nodding my head in agreement to some inspirational thought, this was a wonderful read that will stay with me for a long time to come.

Inspirational and insightful read for women. 1-800-For-Women-Only, May 14, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational and insightful read for women, May 14, 2015
Verified Purchase
This Amazon review is from: 1-800-For-Women-Only

I must admit that I went into this particular read with a grain of skepticism as it is a book written for women only and is penned by a man. I count myself corrected and was pleasantly surprised just pages in as the insight and inspiration flowed off of the pages for me.”1-800-For-Women-Only” is a fantastically insightful look at the female psyche that is neither too deep nor too trite. In a series of very short chapters, author Chris Bent takes the reader through many of the situations, issues and desires that women have and discusses each with an air of humor, intelligence and wisdom. Whether he is discussing fashion, dating, marriage, parenting, pets, careers, technology, or any other host of topics, there is some insight about women that generally never occurred to me before in this most interesting book.

Written by a seventy-five year old former Navy Seal, I found this to be an absolutely delightful look at both women and life. Chris Bent has an incredibly sharp sense of humor that he injects into his writing and gives the reader a wonderful look at how times have changed, often for the better, for the fairer sex. This was an incredibly well-written book that didn’t leave a single stone unturned when it comes to dissecting the female psyche and I found great inspiration in its pages as well. Clearly an admirer of and one who cherishes the women in his life, Bent has written a winner here.

Deliciously hilarious! 1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud, May 13, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars Deliciously hilarious!, May 12, 2015
This review is from: 1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud
Saying that I liked Chris Bent’s ‘1-800-For-Women-Only’ is an understatement—I absolutely loved that book, particularly Bent’s distinct “staccato bursts” style of writing his chapters. That’s why I immediately ordered ‘1-800-Laughing-Out-Loud’ because, I thought, if the previous book’s funny, then this one must be even funnier. And I’m glad to report I’m right about that assumption.
When they describe this book as “irreverent”, they’re not actually kidding—imagine chatting with an Uncle who has been everywhere and done almost everything in his life, this book feels like that experience. Often, the book drops your jaws with a turn of phrase you never expected. Bent’s chapters are refreshingly just the right length—they’re quick punches to the brain that leaves you wanting for more. They’re also deeply relevant to our time: “No Worries,” for example, are just begging to be shared on social media.
But more importantly, despite the humor, Bent’s writing exudes with wisdom and intellectual gravity—after all, the author came from a discipline that practically constantly placed him in a life or death situation. His witty observations on life, the universe and everything—to borrow a Scot Adams line—are, in many ways, just priceless. I would gift this book to everyone I know. Five stars.

Fabulous! 1-800-For-Women-Only, May 11, 2015

By AvidReader on September 22, 2014

This review is from: 1-800-For-Women-Only
If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a man’s brain, Chris Bent fills really fills in the blanks! This is an honest, sometimes funny, sometimes deeply moving monologue that is much more interesting than the typical opinion columns you might come across in the newspaper. Nothing is off limits as Chris describes what lots of people are thinking! (Yes, those high heels are very uncomfortable, but we wear them because they make us feel powerful! 🙂 People treat us so much different in a nice dress and heels than sweats and sneakers.)This book is way outside the box. It’s for open minded people who enjoy thinking about the deeper parts of relationships and emotions—it doesn’t follow the typical standard format that you’d expect from a book, but that’s the fun part. Too many books are so cookie cutter alike that its very refreshing to find something truely unique, yet full of thought provoking nourishment. It’s also refreshing to hear someone stand up for what manhood should be. My generation is so much different—we’ve really lost the respect and softened up everyone. We need more books like this to really remind us of the true passions deep down that drive all of us. We look forward to reading the next book by Chris and would love to see something written by his wife on running a business.

An absorbing, entertaining read – 1-800-For-Women-Only, May 11, 2015

This review is from: 1-800-For-Women-Only: 
Just when you think you’ve read it all, here along comes Christ Bent’s book, ‘1-800-for-women-only.’ Incredibly entertaining, unusually spot on, and in its best moments, deeply moving, this is a book you will want not only to read from page 1 to the last, but also one you’ll give to friends and everyone you care about.Author Chris Bent is an exceptional writer—his language is easily accessible, yet every paragraph, every chapter of this book rings true with meaning and wisdom. He had me at “Skirt sense,” for instance—the last few lines are a delight and gave me a few “eurekas”. Bent also has these quirky unexpected ways of arriving at things—the question, “how could a nail salon be my downfall?” is both funny on many levels and could also make you nod in agreement.And that’s only for starters. Needless to say, ‘1-800-for-women-only’ is an absolute treasure trove of things that go through a man’s mind—and a former Navy Seal at that—that should give every woman the “key” to any man’s heart and soul and, hopefully, reduce that great divide between the two genders. What’s more, the book is immensely entertaining—breezing through the pages feels like having a good chat with an old friend with a lifetime of eclectic experiences behind him. A truly one-of-a-kind read. Get a copy!

Another Winner From Bent, May 11, 2015

By Anne O. on September 24, 2014

This review is from: 1-800-For-Women-Only
Bent is an American original. He has seen it all, and done it all. We are entertained, enlightened and uplifted by this wonderful book.

Must read!, May 11, 2015

By Dan Sheridan on December 22, 2014

This review is from: 1-800-For-Women-Only

Great message…one of my favorite reads ever!

I highly recommend his writings to one and all, January 30, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars I highly recommend his writings to one and all, January 28, 2015
This review is from: 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY – Volume 1

Both 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY Volume’s 1 & 2 are impossible to put down once you pick them up. Chris Bent is blessed with the ability to simplify and present ideas in a manner that anyone can understand and benefit from. Though much of what he has to say you may know intuitively, but never really think about it much. Bent’s style makes you think! His understanding of commitment, service, humor, and most of all “doing the right thing” makes his books a roller coaster of emotion.I highly recommend his writings to one and all, even old Naval Special Warriors like myself.

Incredibly life-changing, April 24, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Incredibly life-changing
This review is from: 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY – Volume 1 

When I say this book is a treasure trove of some of the greatest, most profound observations on life, I’m actually still putting it mildly. There’s something about the author Chris Bent’s writing that hits you at the core of your being—as if he has intimate knowledge of your innermost motivations and is beckoning your inner good to come out and govern your life.I find it actually strange to know where Chris Bent was coming from—with his military background, his experience in the field where he has seen more than what the rest of us could see in our relatively “safe” lives, Chris is a walking font of wisdom. And there’s more: I can’t count how many times I was moved to tears with his anecdotes, his stories, and how he effortlessly connects each story to the lives we live: the sacrifice, the sense of duty, the choices we must make that will define our lives in an instant—all these and more can be found within this book, exceptionally articulated by a man who clearly has that rare literary gift.

And like all great literature (J.R. R. Tolkien’s works come to mind), this book was first written by the author for his daughters—there’s nothing like deeply personal motivations concerning the people we love to help us achieve this heightened existential sense.

I can’t recommend this enough: I have read a lot of inspirational books in the pas year alone, yet none could approach Christ Bent’s book in terms of raw honesty, empathy, and how it powerfully emotionally resonates with readers. Get a copy of this book today—and if there are people in your life you love, give this book to them as a gift. A solid five-stars for this gem.

Andy Rooney (RIP) could have been Chris’ mentor !, March 9, 2014

2015-05-11_10-24-52By Erasmo Riojas

This review is from: 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY – Volume 1

My curiosity was aroused by the cover of Christ Bent book “1-800-I-am-Unhappy” which showed a U.S.Navy SEAL Gold Trident. I tried dialing this telephone number leaving out the last 3 numbers; no such number, LOL.


Bent is Back and Better than Ever!, March 4, 2014

2015-05-11_10-24-52By Jeff B

Chris Bent is back again with volume 2 of his writs, titled “1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY.” These short musings, ramblings, or vignettes are fantastic reading if you want to open your mind and think about what is wrong with our society. I loved the first volume of Bent’s writs, and found the second volume to be just as enjoyable and thought-provoking.


Fantastic insights from a real hero, February 25, 2014

By Jeff B

“1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY” is a wonderful collection of thoughts (and sometimes rants) by former Navy SEAL Chris Bent about many of the things that have gone wrong in our American society. While I don’t agree with everything Bent writes, he writes it well and makes some very astute observations about the state of our culture. Bent shares his thoughts on everything from poor grammar to frivolous lawsuits, along with many other societal problems in between.


Warrior Wit and Wisdom, February 19, 2014

By Jon J. Cardwell (Anniston, Alabama)

“We need SEAL politicians who will not quit or flinch in the face of fully armed special interest attorneys.” –Chapter 24, “27,000 Pages”

If you stumbled upon this review and you are considering purchasing this book but have not yet purchased 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY, Volume 1, buy this book with all speed and then get over to 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY – Volume 1 and buy it as well. Go ahead, buy it right now. We’ll wait.

Chris Bent is a graduate of Yale University and a former U.S. Navy frogman. The opening quote I used for this review may have given it away. Currently, he is a businessman; yet more than savvy in business, more than serving with the elite Underwater Demolition Teams, and more than having a degree from one of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in America, with the two volumes of his series 1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY, Chris Bent is a herald of our time.


1-800-I-AM-SO-HAPPY, February 12, 2014

By Jon J. Cardwell (Anniston, Alabama)

“We have become a culture of chameleons adapting to the perceived feelings of others!” –Chapter 19, “Too Bad”

I find that the opening quote for this review comes as an interesting observation from a man who used to be a “frog.”

1-800-I-AM-UNHAPPY (Vol. 1) is a collection of things, thoughts and other stuff from Yale graduate and former Navy frogman, Chris Bent– 67 chapters of reflections and ruminations to be precise; but to merely call this book reflections and ruminations would be a disservice to what author Bent serves up. To call them random thoughts would be an insulting injustice altogether, in my humble opinion. There is nothing random about the Navy’s diver community, whether it be SEALs, salvage diver, or EOD. There is always a method to the madness. In order to get the gist of what this book is about, first we need to understand a little bit about the scribe behind the words.

Chris Bent was a Navy “frog” who served in Underwater Demolition Team Unit 21 (UDT-21, later SEAL Team 4). He graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs (BUD/S) training with Class 31E. To give you an idea of the timeframe, Richard “The Rogue Warrior” Marcinko graduated with Class 26 and Jesse “The Body” Ventura graduated with Class 58. I was a Navy diver in the 80s and 90s, a generation behind Chris Bent’s era. He was the old school Navy, of whom we young guys (back then) would reverently refer to as the “men of iron who sailed ships of wood.” You need to keep this in mind when reading his book.


Chris Bent’s Insight into Happier Living, February 10, 2014

2015-05-11_10-24-52By W. Lord (Cape Porpoise, Maine)

This no-nonsense approach to tackling the world’s spiral of insanity is a grand primer on how not to succumb to modern personal and societal madness. Reading this will open a personal escape hatch – allowing you to be who you were meant to be.

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Don’t pass by this book- great read, February 9, 2014

2015-05-11_10-24-52By Beverly Clark

I enjoyed the first book by this author and found the second one just as good. This book is a bit more intense covering musings on school shootings, respect and other musings.

My number one favorite – and I was so happy to see this in writing- was the “No Problem” musing. I have thought the exact same for some time and it is also something that drives my daughter crazy too.


Great musings on life, February 9, 2014

By Beverly Clark

I came across this author and was intrigued for several reasons. The author’s background- former Navy SEAL and spacecraft recovery was one I found interesting.
I found this book to be a great collection of musings on life. Straightforward and to the point, he says it “like it is”. Quips like a man’s handshake used to be his word. Today a man’s word is his attorney. This Statements like these while humorous, are also realistically true.