Broken Wings

The Snow GooseThere is an amazing tiny book by a Paul Gallico, The Snow Goose, 1940, that haunts me to this very day. WWII Dunkirk. To me there is only one recorded version to listen to which is with Herbert Marshal… in the 50’s. If I played it now I would still cry. (see video at bottom)

Whether it is a bird or a pet or anything innocent, if it is broken we are drawn to help it. When the Snow Goose flew again. So, did I. Just an old vinyl record….

In life, we cannot avoid seeing broken wings. Every person we meet has something that needs to heal. So that flight they never imagined could take place. There are the obvious addicted and withdrawn eyes that confirm a brokenness. Afraid to be helped. Then there are the seemingly normal people who have their busy lives, though deep down inside they wish some private thoughts were better. Often accepting dreams as impossible dreams.

If you can see a brokenness you think about ways you may help before moving on. For a broken wing requires holding and attention and time.

As one’s heart plays a more and more important role in one’s life one can feel more of the hurt out there. The numbers can be frightening. Yet those you can easily help is now obvious… Spirit is uplifted as one makes a difference.

To be close to someone when they fly again is humbling and breathtaking.

It is why we are here.

Godspeed my Snow Goose.

On to Dunkirk.


Chris Bent, former Navy SEAL UDT-21, is the author of 11 books. Troubled by all the pain and injustice in the world he is driven to write in brief chapters that touch universal truths. Helping us search and find where we are meant to go. Helping us make a difference. Helping us not to quit. Hopefully.

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