The Calendar is the most ubiquitous organizer.  Everyone uses it.  Every bank in the world must yield to our calendar.  Think about all the planning that goes on from January to December that we depend on.  Birthdays, appointments, meetings, weddings, parties, and funerals… think how intertwined we all are with our calendars… on refrigerators, garage walls, school classrooms… even missile silos and coffee shops in Tehran… You name it our calendar is everywhere!!!!

New Years Day is January 1 and we start anew.  Although December 31 was no different…  January 1 is a holiday and we all get to watch football games and try to forget the night before.  Holidays are special days all year long reminding us of special people and ideas to commemorate.  Today we have calendars on our computers and phones and iPads that highlight, detail, and recur all kinds of events and notes. Amazing. Truly amazing.

Well, now we are well into the year 2013.  We know what happened in 1940, we know what happened in 1865, 1776, 1492,  1310, 899, 562  243, 102, 36 and 01.

With modern technology and Wikipedia most all history is at our fingertips.  All woven into our calendar.

Well I have a problem with this blatantly religious calendar.  It is 2013 AD.

Why has the calendar been protested?  Why has Christmas not been deleted?  In fact every month is incorrect.  Every day is dictated by this religious document.  We are hypocrites by selectively allowing some religious symbols to stand while others not.  Crosses are banned from public places.  So should be the calendar.

We should be more sensitive to the year as defined by non-Christians.  In fact it would be secularly correct to ban our calendar as it imposes a Christian Anno Domini overlay on everything. B.C. means Before Christ.  You mean things happened before Christ? Why does Christ have to define and organize so much of what we do?

Where are the protesters?  Where is the ACLU?  Why hasn’t someone invented a more sensible calendar?  It is time to respect to the sensitivities of those who believe in nothing.  What is Faith but fables perpetrated?  In fact we get along just fine without it imposing hope and Truth on us.

We created our own existence when our ancestors got together for a big bang… or big bong…whatever.

All I need is my time clock.  Oops.. it has that darn 2013 year thing on it…


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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