Isn’t a cartoon wonderful?  Especially the strip ones in the newspaper.  You know you are going to get a chuckle and a thought to which you can nod in assent.  Gosh, isn’t that the truth?…chuckle….  Of course there are the action ones, the romance ones…but the chuckle ones are the best.

The way society is behaving these days makes me chuckle.  We are repeating the same mistakes over and over.  No one cares about history any more. I chuckle at that.

I would love to line up all the year’s political cartoons on a really big wall and get a really big chuckle.  So funny.  Fiscal cliff cartoons are scary as they make fun of a potential big fall.   The government should be handing out winged parachute suits so we can get as far away as possible.  But like everything else the government hands out there are so many forms and fine print that you really need a tandem suit so your lawyer can be attached to your, you know…  What a cartoon!

When was the last time you really had a good chuckle?  I wish we could all share them.  But maybe we are …as so many people are texting all the time, maybe the walking and driving without looking up means they are chuckling???  LOL…

I bet the police get a chuckle when they see more and more cars swerving back into position as the heads arise.   We need police chuckle statistics to get a handle on the chuckle epidemic.

Now what is going on with international women’s rights is not a chuckle.  It is almost certainly a cartoon when all the buffoons and selfish characters out there have made justice and fairness into a cartoon noir.  A shame cartoon.  Rulers and politicians have turned causes into shame cartoons.  Not funny.  Chuckleless.  And they are clueless.

What if all the cartoon writers banded together with an agenda making certain months or weeks subject specific?  Cause specific.  This could spur unified chuckles that could be heard around the world and get moving on cause reduction. Cartoon power!!!

How about we also confront the seven deadliest and shame them.  Let’s make fun of evil.  Now that is a chuckle.

Christopher Bent
Naples, FL

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