Decorative Pillows

Boy, have I been waiting a long time to get into this subject. Nobody ever warned me… no father, no brother, no friend, no priest, no doctor, no mortician, and no lawyer. Excuse me if I missed your profession. I am mad. LOL Marriage is a good thing. ... Continue reading →

Good Hair

Good hair seems more important than good health. Why do all the TV weather announcers have good hair? From all the magazines it seems like every woman has shiny hair with soft curls. You go in the grocery store and you see a lot of bad ... Continue reading →

Got It Covered

“Got it covered Dad”. All of a sudden this new phrase enters my world. Is it about making the bed? Is it about my car cover? Car covers are really important as they protect and give longer life and appeal to our most prized possession other than self. ... Continue reading →


How can you write about happy things and smiles without talking about the ornaments of life??  Ornaments that promise merriment and surprise.  All different colors, some with sparkles, some like stars or even dogs and deer! Yep, the Christmas Tree is a ... Continue reading →


Say something funny, I need a laugh. In fact, I want to laugh out loud. For a moment. It feels so good. Laughing that is… My problem is that I find things to be funny that are not. There is so much humor in what we all do. Making innocent fun “with” ... Continue reading →

Say Something

Say something, I’m giving up on you are lyrics from a wonderful song of the day. What does it mean beyond a broken love relationship? Beyond the song? Our nation was founded on principles that were hammered out by a group of men with a united vision. ... Continue reading →