Flee Speech

“Flee” speech is the new name for “free” speech.  Think about it. Everyone has the right to “free” speech.  That is one of the beautiful miracles of our democracy. Except those who now wish to be heard have to yell louder over the majority.  To get ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ The dogs of war are loose. Which war? Middle-East? Politics? Financial? How did we get to the place where there is so much disturbing financial news from so many quarters? We are dithering visions into ... Continue reading →


From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™ Think about it. We have fences around every swimming pool. We have fences around all our property. We have fences around government property. Serious fences to keep terrorists away too. Sometimes fences ... Continue reading →


HHH is a professional wrestler. BBB is the Better Business Bureau. AAA helps you with your cars. Triple X was a movie with Vin Diesel and is a symbol of evil. Triple Crown is the ultimate in horse racing. Brand new is Triple V, VVV, ... Continue reading →


Celebrities gather and sing “We Are The World”…. Do we? From space our diversities are irrelevant… We celebrate our differences and our cultures. But at birth we do look so alike. We are family. When a woman or child is abused anywhere it ... Continue reading →


American Sniper is a movie made from a book by a real person.  It is biographical non-fiction.  The author was murdered.  Chris Kyle was a good man.  A very good man.  His murderer was sick and evil and one of us. This movie is on the way to be one of ... Continue reading →


How can you write about happy things and smiles without talking about the ornaments of life??  Ornaments that promise merriment and surprise.  All different colors, some with sparkles, some like stars or even dogs and deer! Yep, the Christmas Tree is a ... Continue reading →


Say something funny, I need a laugh. In fact, I want to laugh out loud. For a moment. It feels so good. Laughing that is… My problem is that I find things to be funny that are not. There is so much humor in what we all do. Making innocent fun “with” ... Continue reading →

Say Something

Say something, I’m giving up on you are lyrics from a wonderful song of the day. What does it mean beyond a broken love relationship? Beyond the song? Our nation was founded on principles that were hammered out by a group of men with a united vision. ... Continue reading →


I submit this is the best song ever written. Pharrell Williams, “Can’t nothing bring me down....Because I’m happy”. My wife loves the song. Makes me happy. Have to share the link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEN9I8jJ0Nk to “Happy”. You really should ... Continue reading →