Never Take Life For Granted

By: Gene Cahill (UDT-SEAL Association BOD Member) The routine of daily life is sometime taken for granted. Never again will I assume the usual to take place. I am Chief Petty Officer Eugene A. Cahill, U.S. Navy Platoon Chief, Underwater Demolition ... Continue reading →

AS-201 The First

First place is what we try for in classes and on the athletic field. Always it is a dream to achieve a first place. It requires effort, a lot of effort. Just to be given a first place award without hard work makes it meaningless. There will be so many ... Continue reading →

The Navy SEAL UDT Museum’s 33rd Muster – Memorial Service

The Navy SEAL UDT Museum’s 33rd Muster Memorial Service Swim Out - December 12, 2018 The Navy SEAL Museum's 33rd Muster - Memorial Service from Shine a Light Films on Vimeo. ... Continue reading →

Why Die

Navy SEAL Chief William “Ryan” Owens just lost his life in a raid in Yemen. Did he die so we could live? That is the biggest question of them all. Are you willing to die for something? I think most would die for a family member. Like take a bullet for ... Continue reading →


Celebrities gather and sing “We Are The World”…. Do we? From space our diversities are irrelevant… We celebrate our differences and our cultures. But at birth we do look so alike. We are family. When a woman or child is abused anywhere it ... Continue reading →