There is a brain cancer spreading. It is severe on the left side of the brain. The right side really cannot function without the left. You see, the left side is now full of negative opinions. Cerebral gossip taken to self-destructive levels. ... Continue reading →

Eyeway Robbery

It’s raining. Some liken raindrops to tears…. Our beautiful nation is criticizing itself to death. It is a time for tears… for those who have given up…. I repeat… for those who have given up. Or as a few of us know, rung the bell…. Regulations will ... Continue reading →

Made In America

I was made in America. I was born in New York. I was not born in Africa. I was not born in China. I was not born in Iran. I was not born in Mexico. How come I was not born in Siberia? I don’t know. But I’d like to meet the Guy who made ... Continue reading →

Patriotic Duty

It is my patriotic duty to inform you that we finally have screwed it all up. “Freedom of Patriotism” is now derided as unpatriotic. Go figure?? What in the hell is going on?? The dissenters are labeling everything patriotic as conservative right ... Continue reading →

Donkey Tale

How can you tell which is a donkey and which is an ass? It gets more complicated when you know the facts. The donkey is a descendant of the African wild ass. There is a dumb stubbornness image kinda associated with them. Then there is what task ... Continue reading →

Poll Dancing

What a set of gams! Spinning around that poll. The phones ring asking you for your opinion. Asking you in a computer voice to hold, a dancer will be with you shortly. You hear accented voices in the background. A guy asks you which dancer ... Continue reading →


Yesterday I was unfriended by someone I didn’t know. Or it could have been a person I thought was a friend. How can you ever tell what someone really thinks about you? To many it is to have as many friends on the internet as possible. One’s ... Continue reading →

Leaky Leaks

How did leaks become so polarizingly political so fast? All it used to mean was that you were going to take one. And when you got real old it became the new normal. At least they have product to control it... Today everybody is leaking. But the ... Continue reading →

Deaf Hearings

He’s testifying!! Shhh… They are going to ask him so many questions. It will take hours. Agendas all over the place. Friends, enemies, observers with extensive portfolios of bias. The points are so fine that everybody is invisibly bleeding from the ... Continue reading →

Carbon Dating

I think dating is a regenerative dance. A lot of eyes never stop dating regardless of age….. Carbons date too.  In a different way. They help us determine how old something is. But only back 50,000 years. That is a long time ago… way before ... Continue reading →