From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™

The dogs of war are loose.

Which war?




How did we get to the place where there is so much disturbing financial news from so many quarters? We are dithering visions into the ground. Promises abound. Promise Keepers are hard to find.

Government bureaucrats can’t keep their promises. The train to Washington derails them from their roots. Special interest money and power makes them cower.

The dogs of debt are howling.

We owe other nations billions and billions. We give billions. We waste billions. There are those who make billions off debt interest. Our credit cards spin money like cotton candy machines.

In the good old days you shook hands and owed someone and paid them back.

No fine print.

No attachments to print.

Mailboxes are now avoided.

The incoming mail is liable to be credit card debt.

The dogs of debt are howling.

Author’s note: This writ, originally written in May 2015, is Chapter 73 in the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD, a commentary on the politics of our times. It seems that Mr. Donald Trump has stirred the spirit of the nation and forced a long overdue conversation on the inefficiencies of government and bureaucracy and politics.

The book is not an endorsement of any political figure but more so provides the talking points they are missing. LOL

The Donald is sure controversial, but who cares? He has raised the bar.

No chapter is more than three pages and each is loaded frowns and smiles.

The book is humorous and provocative.

“Oh My Donald” OMD: Opinions Of Mass Destruction…. of the status quo….LOL

Chris Bent

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