From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™


Everybody hits the ground and covers their head.

Don’t want the brain to get a bruise.

How can you tell how many missiles are in the air?

Or drones hovering??

Or the journalists in the shadows being able to say anything without accountability? Is a journalist bias-free?

We are told so many things by so many people, all portending to have the Truth.

How do we know what their personal value structure is? Or are they just an amalgam of loaned opinions? Is not the credibility of a person based on how honest, how humble, and how respectful they are? How do we find that out?

The smiley faces on our media screens are after hair, makeup, prompting, and rehearsal. They look us straight in the eye. Beckoning trust. We buy into it.

So duck Donald, the incoming has just begun. Every candidate in history has had the half-truth bomb thrown. The I.O.D., the Improvised Opinion Device.

The stands are clapping as you raise your forearms to deflect and defuse the verbal lightning bolts.

Mirror them right back at the sender and see how they can stand the heat. It should all not be one way they say….. Heroes that last find humility and keep finding it. This gives their strengths strength. It is always good to make a mistake and then own up to it. Most dodge and parse their credibility away.

There is always two sides to every nuance. The press has a funny way of always finding the irritating one. Flash bulbs and clicking shutters obscure the moment. Truth cannot be freeze-framed. It has to flow and be exposed to constant scrutiny.

Never duck the incoming question.

Always say “nice question” and then flatten it with Truth.

Truth remains about values.

About good and evil.

Don’t be the Donald who ducks.

Author’s note: This writ, originally written on 5/2/15, is Chapter 8 in the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD, a commentary on the politics of our times. It seems that Mr. Donald Trump has stirred the spirit of the nation and forced a long overdue conversation on the inefficiencies of government and bureaucracy and politics.

The book is not an endorsement of any political figure but more so provides the talking points they are missing. LOL

The Donald is sure controversial, but who cares? He has raised the bar.

No chapter is more than three pages and each is loaded frowns and smiles.

The book is humorous and provocative.

“Oh My Donald” OMD: Opinions Of Mass Destruction…. of the status quo….LOL

Chris Bent

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