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DreamersEvery night we close our eyes on a hopefully soft pillow and under sheets and covers and polartec. Polartec is great. I call it DreamFleece.

Soon good and bad dreams fill our being with hope or despair. It is a virtual reality we have known since our day one.

We always like dreaming about good places where we would like to be. Warmth and sun and freedom. Yet, so much of the world does not offer that, only fear and visions of hunger and pain. It is not fair. I wouldn’t want to be a dreamer in the rubble of Syria or the spiritual vacuum of North Korea. Hell is everywhere and can be everywhere if we allow it.

In our beautiful United States of America, we bicker and accuse like spoiled brats. Shame on our political system and parties. Nothing is respected anymore. Why die for a country which doesn’t like itself? Send Hollywood to Afghanistan where it might try to do some good. Banish all who act.

Should not we be living in Truth? Only telling our friends the truth. Only telling our enemies the truth. It is so great not feeling guilt by telling the truth. Truth can be a mighty weapon. Truth can protect. Truth can heal. Truth can set you free.

Dream on truth seekers.

When the dream is over make it real. Tell the truth.

I helped create a place to help us find the truth. Non-conventional. Check it out. I can dream can’t I???


If you want… go there and write something on it.

Leave something from you for others to find.

Dream on.

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