Is there a place for social media (SM) in combat?   Facebook, Skype, Viber and texting are a few of the new psyche-defining influences on the spontaneous thinking and decision making capabilities of our youth and future soldiers.  Do you see a young person anymore without a cell phone in their hands or their earbuds in their ears?  This is a cultural and ego defining new paradigm.

Forward to the next ground war in the Middle East or wherever.  Do the Sergeants confiscate all cell phones upon enlisting?  Is the soldier’s next break a reassuring text to someone??  How dependent are we becoming on SM?

I say thank God for the drones.  They are allowing the foot soldier to relax until the danger is mapped or taken care of by the drones.  Whew, they have time to take a picture and text it.   And…  feel a little more comfortable…  Put ring tone on mute.  In combat, all ring tones must be on mute…  It can still yield the reassuring vibration when the girlfriend or drinking buddy is calling…

Back in the States at Drone Command Central, the drone pilot can watch his console and sneak a few texts in.  Being a drone pilot can be boring as drones repeat themselves a lot and fly in circles…  but it is a good job and it allows more time for everyone to SM and sustain propped up identities that have been nurtured  in cyberspace.

I hope they don’t outlaw domestic drones.  Enough is enough.  Leave our drones alone.  It will be reassuring to know they are up there protecting us. Very targeted invasions of privacy and data capture are OK.  It is the fact that they will multiply fast like buzzing locusts as businesses and bureaucracies map our SM habits to determine if we have any individuals remaining.  But I am sure Washington can regulate and protect our rights with the new DRA (Drone Regulation Agency).

Drones will be able to detect large metal objects like guns and track them while checking registration tags that will be imbedded in each.  Unregistered guns on felons will be disabled by laser.  Keep the drones, as I am really reversing my feelings towards them.   Of course, they must be registered and vetted by the DRA.

Maybe there is a Heaven after all.  All you have to do now is text a good friend to get reassurance that you are liked. Cyber angels.  Pharmaceutical companies will lose fortunes as the markets for happy pills dry up.

We are just beginning to grasp the full potential of drones.  This is new territory just like when our settlers pushed west and discovered Los Angeles.


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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