But you are entitled to a full explanation of what is due to you.  You should never accept anything less than the truth.  That is your right.  From your parents came the decision to gamble with your existence and after that magical moment you were entitled to your first breath.  No one has a right to take that away from you.  Tell me if that is what you think.  But more importantly are you entitled to love??  I think so.  What is the point of life if you aren’t entitled to love?  Think about it.  You have to make some decisions at some time in your life.  Think about it.

What has value and what does not?   I think we think we are entitled to value.  Well, we get to make choices on what to buy based on value.  We are entitled to that right.  The right to purchase what we want, when we want…  right?  We are entitled to love when we want?  Right?  Are we entitled to good behavior on the part of others???  Are others entitled  for us to act responsibly and with compassion?  A lot to think about.

Are bad guys entitled to justice?  Are nice Democrats and nice Republicans entitled to a country safe from harm and debt?  If I am rich am I entitled to respect?  If I am poor am I entitled to respect and compassion?  If my neighborhood has been invaded by crack am I entitled to a way out?  Maybe…..

Years ago, before you were born, the concept of entitlement was seldom heard as everyone was so busy working and helping one another.  Hands were held and hope was the force that launched our amazing nation.  Immigrants from England, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain came on boats of all sorts.  Nothing like today.  Conditions were marginal to say the least.  Ellis Island was full of our fathers like deer in the headlights.  They expected nothing.  The only thing they felt entitled to was freedom from discrimination.  That is what the United States offered to those wishing to gamble their pasts and plights.  Only hope.  Entitled to hope.

WWI and WWII were fought as we felt we were entitled to freedom.  Look at every cemetery from Normandie to Arlington.  Seas of white freedom crosses.  They were entitled to their crosses.  They are entitled to our prayers and gratitude.

Whatever happened to our great country?  Yes, there has been selfishness and greed and crime that created the need for more laws.  Laws require millions of people to obey and as many to interpret and enforce.  Bureaucracies of enforcement and code grew under the radar screen.  Paperwork justifying paperwork became a cancer.  Insurances that insured everything metastasized.  Groups of interest unified and these unions became monoliths where members now became managed rather than served.  Somewhere entitlement became the vision of this new culture.  Be lucky enough to work for a public bureaucracy and you have pensions and insurances second to none.  Special interests protecting special interests.  The politics of survival has become entitlement.

In this new world order of entitlement our young are just expecting more.    Our culture is of instant gratification. Media, video, headphones, and iphones have become the Pavlovian conditioning elements of entitlement.  With jobs scarce and debt responsibilities ignored at both the personal and national level, chaos is near.  Kids expect money.  The next generation expects to be paid more for less.  We oblige and nurture the “entitled”…. While they text one another…

I am entitled to breathe, love, and to be entitled.  If so, then the end is near.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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