What would it be like to live without a face?  Anyone we don’t know has no face.  For isn’t it the first thing we seem to remember about another person, loved one or one not so loved??  We spend so much time looking at our face.  When we brush our teeth first thing in the morning.  When we are young we look for blemishes.  When older for so many things, but often to privately observe our aging. We don’t like to talk about our own faces, but we love to observe others.  We put all kinds of stuff on our faces for all kinds or reasons.  It seems as if our face is our most important possession.  Our faces also contain our eyes through which we observe other faces.  And through our eyes we can tell others that we care or that we don’t.  Amazing thing, faces…  What would it be like without them?

I have my face in Facebook.  I thought a lot about which picture would look best so others would always envision me that way.  You know, like your best foot forward, except that it is my face.  I makes me feel good to see my face looking good.  That one picture… thank God…

Other people put their faces on my page or ask me to go look at theirs on their pages.  Bet they also chose from many pictures.  Now we all know what we look like.  Whew….  Sure makes things better.  Amazing how everybody’s face is different.  Evolution is some miracle!  Glad I don’t look like a frog.

Now I can share feelings and activities with my rapidly expanding universe of face friends.  Well… of course, I will only share those feelings that won’t reveal too much…

Maybe there could be a thing called SOULBOOK, where very special friends could share who they really were.  Friends who were not afraid to say what they really felt…  What does a soul look like?  Does it have a face?  Qualities of a great soul would have to have humility, unselfishness and a compassion to help others.  That really rules out ego, titles, money and the material.   Well, that is just my feeling.  I know the people I am comfortable with.  How about you? Do they really make you feel comfortable??

SOULBOOK….  They probably have one up in heaven.  But I need it now!  I want more friends to share my soul values with.  Get the right team of friends where you can trust and act without a lot of debate or corporate doublespeak.  How do you trust?  Go through some tough times with another.  Yes.  Military for sure.  Helping the poor together, yes.  Or find a place where values are still black and white.  Some churches, probably…  Soul friends don’t come to you, you have to go out and find them.

Our insecurities are the bane of our growth.  They are our enemy.  We worry way too much about what others may think of us.  I say “Too Bad.”  I have to save my soul and make something of my life.  I want to be something meaningful to others.  Get out of my way.  “Too Bad.”

I will not let the obsession with faces steal (crook) my real identity.  Nope, no FACECROOK you FACEBOOK.

I GOT IT!!  Put the pictures of people I have helped in my SOULBOOK.  And keep my face out of it.


Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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