I know that it is really time to be positive.  Nothing ever gets accomplished with a negative predisposition.  Everyone makes mistakes. Things are done that are regrettable.

I hate to say it but we all have done some very wrong things that have hurt or disappointed another person.  Lies have been told that created ripple effects way beyond intended.  Deeds perpetrated in selfishness leaving deep scars on the victim.  Lives have been stopped in their tracks by evil and selfishness.  Angers are festering deep within souls with no easy way out other than the dead end streets of drugs and alcohol.

Unintended consequences.  Hmmm…  much to ponder in our own lives.

I wish technology could invent a drone that could locate those in distress and zap them with joy.  Or better yet… zap them with forgiveness.

You see, the only cure for hurt and blame is forgiveness.  Angers are carried and stifle growth, reconciliation, and hope.  Some keep angers to their graves from generations ago.  A total waste of life and potential.  How to unburden?  Therapy works to a certain degree.  It starts the journey.  But without forgiveness and the courage to forgive the hurt lives on as personal demons.  Demons.

Why is man so embroiled in bitterness?  Because he can’t forgive…  I know this is preposterous with all the unthinkable evil that has destroyed millions of lives.  But… anybody got a better idea?

Wait… as new governments are revealing their infinite capability to manage anything that is based on data…  maybe there is a rationale for a new agency, the FBF or Federal Bureau of Forgiveness.   Types of pain and evil can be classified, quantified, indexed, and codified so appropriate certificates of forgiveness can be granted.  The applicant lines will be long at first, but eventually they will thin out as relief is achieved.  There will be corporate contracts to assist, but not without full government oversight.  More federal employment will be a collateral economic boost.

This all about identifying problems and solutions that can be managed efficiently by forward thinking.  The solution is the forgiveness revolution.

You don’t have to die on a Cross to provide forgiveness.  Or do you?


Chris Bent

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