What is common about Boston?  New York? Newtown? Aleppo? Kabul?

Evil and hate coexist with truth and love.   Not to acknowledge either is to live in denial.  Evil cannot just be legislated away which is the contemporary leaning.  Evil is our enigma.  Today we have a problem (or “issue”) with confronting it.  This is a very personal journey and decision. You either accept evil as a reality or not.  To me there is no choice.  And passivity in the face of evil courts harm to all including one’s family.  No has to mean “No”.  I am tired of the “maybe” and the parsing of truth.

As a nation we have to stand for something.  Our Constitution is a good start.

Hello people.  If we decide that evil is benign then there is no need for a military.  Open the borders and embrace infinite diversity and give housing to all who hate us.  Goodbye cathedral….. Hello mosque.  And goodbye English as an added bonus.

Minds can become demented when fed bigoted or hateful input.  As they say…bad in…bad out.  The Boston desecration came from a demented mind fed with hate.  A hate that was far from any truth and creating an evil energy inside a tortured ego searching for self-esteem.

Our world and media is full of easy access to every kind of thought and philosophy regardless of merit.  Our institutions of morality are on the wane.  Our self-enlightened  freedom of thought is making us vulnerable.  We are not strong because we do not believe any longer.  We look for others’ opinions to form our core thinking.  Our media-enriched frontal lobes beg for more assurance from social media and texting.

We are entering a post-Christian era. The new rules are found in fine print, regulations, forms, and laws…  and universal registration scanning or whatever.

The “why” of Boston will be very important.  We will capture and kill.  But will we find the right path to become strong again in spirit and soul?

If not, then fear will be our new bridesmaid.


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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