How can you write about happy things and smiles without talking about the ornaments of life??  Ornaments that promise merriment and surprise.  All different colors, some with sparkles, some like stars or even dogs and deer!

Yep, the Christmas Tree is a symbol of so much.  But let’s look at our self as a tree.  What kind of ornaments do we like to put on?  We want other people to think that we are great and cool.  So we dress to impress.  To a woman her hair is a beautiful ornament, causing glances and sighs as she walks jauntily by.  For the man it is often his muscles and symbols of accomplishment… maybe the watch or the belt…..  subtle ornaments.

What is a tree without ornaments?  Just something green in a forest.  Alive and special where it is.  Some don’t want to be adorned.  But they all want to be healthy out there in their dark green kingdoms.

So do we.  But the real tree must be strong before it is ornamented so it can survive the cold gales of winter and the parching fires of summer.

If we ornament ourselves before we are strong then the ornamentation appears false, vain, or pride filled.  It becomes how superficial we look and how expensive our ornamentation is.  We can look silly.  But if we are known as genuine and not self-centered we can make others feel comfortable.

We can be awesome like the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in NYC.

It took a lot of care and work to look like that.

But it is worth it.

Being a Christmas Tree.



Fir Tree

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