Greatness Helps Wisdom Believe.

What is Greatness? Winning a race? Being on a championship team? Being loved by your family and beyond? What makes you feel great? Balancing a tennis ball on your nose for 2 minutes? Having your black lab puppy curl up next to you?

What does Helps mean? Something that makes it easier. Teaching your child manners? Teaching respect? Teaching real history? Saying “No” when it should be said? Being consistent? Not being afraid to pray when all other avenues are exhausted? Having your black lab puppy curl up next to you?

Is Wisdom being smarter than someone else? Is it being patient? Is it knowing when not to talk? Is it seeing danger before others? Is it discerning fact from emotion? Is it helping someone else when you see the need in their eyes? Is it not being afraid to say “God bless you” to a stranger? Wisdom separates the smart from the weak. Wisdom rocks. Wisdom is getting a black lab puppy.

What in the world is there to Believe in when the world is upside down?

When you believe it becomes part of you. You are defined by your beliefs. Do you believe in God? If you look into the infinity of the galaxies do you believe it was an accident? When you investigate sub atomic particles or quarks or your DNA… is your wisdom not dwarfed?

Unbelievable stuff all around.

You have no choice but to believe with dignity.

GHWB did.

Rest in peace George Herbert Walker Bush.

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