“Go away”.

How many people and situations do you wish would just go away?  Maybe someone is telling you something to do?  How about your father?  How about your boss?  How about your drill sergeant?  How about the IRS?

I’ll bet your life is full of instances which you wish would disappear.  How about  some body fat, or acne, or disease, or handicap?  Why doesn’t anything happen when you say “Go away”?  Think about it.  Why can’t your bills go away?

Things can go away if you stop telling them to.  You see, the problem is often you.

You/we create our own problems.  It is our behavior and approach that needs change.  Quite possibly, things and people will treat us differently.  Maybe if we treat our problems with more respect they might reciprocate.  Easy to say…….  But this often means we must change in how we respond to and perceive things.  The more positive we are, the clearer a path becomes.  But the only real solution to respect is to live in Truth.  Abandon self-centered activity and replace with a “service” approach.  Like “how may I help you, life?”.  LOL

People are drawn to the honest and humble.  That is our goal.  To find out how to be that.  They won’t say “Go away” to us any longer.  And likewise we will do same.

Respect evil.  For what it is.

Define it.  Define good.  Define yourself.  Then be true to good and see where it takes you.  Fight for good.  Die for good.  Mean something.  Draw your own red lines.

When there is trouble don’t go away.  Face it head-on with conviction.  Be an example of saying that things matter…  and that things must be dealt with, not dismissed.

On a long run pain will not go away, but it can be mitigated and put to the side by the vision of a finish line’s reward within grasp.

All in life is within grasp with hope and faith.

“Go away”, fear and ignorance.  I am better than you.  I can change.

With divine help.


Christopher Bent
Naples, FL

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