Great Wall Of DACA

I don’t think we realize how many walls we have built in the 21st Century.

Walls in schools against morality and patriotism.

Walls in congress between parties.

Walls in hearts against committing to real needs.

Walls of diversity.

Walls of opportunity.

Walls to history.

Walls to common sense.

Walls to tradition.

You can make your own lists. We are more separated than ever in history. And the world is not less evil. Social networks have provided freedoms and walls to free thought. Opinions rule. Sensitivities rule. All a threat to greater truths and needs.

America has always been known for her heart and her ability to use it. America cannot spread herself so thin that she cannot help anyone. Every business person knows their limitations. Politicians do not, nor do the entitlement gurus with hoods.

Borders and boundaries must be known and created to prevent the flooding of everything… We are fussing over the obvious. It is almost pretentious. Build the wall regardless. Illegal everything must be stopped…Especially drugs. It is our joke to turn the drug cheek the other way.

Immigration policy must be enforced not played with. When changed, it must be enforced. This bureaucratic nightmare must be reduced with a tough fist.

DACA will be reorganized and redefined and re-enforced.

Stop the media feeding hysteria and let’s get on with getting on.

There is a way.

It’s funny, there are no walls looking up.

Dream on.

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