I really hate pistachio ice cream.  I also hate any ice cream with mint or that is green.  I love frogs.  Girls hate frogs.  I love vanilla swiss almond.  Boy..  that vanilla is the best. But when you crunch on those chocolate covered almonds it is better that the best glass of wine or anything unmentionable.

I hate people who hate.  I really hate to hate.  I hate writing this.  I am beginning to love to write, but I have been asked to do that.

Let’s get back to hate.  Hate feels good as it allows you to direct all your frustration on to something or someone.  A quick cure for inaction?  Sometimes we hate someone because we can’t change them.  Or… they won’t listen.  How can my wife listen when she is talking?  We won’t go there….

How did we learn to hate?  When was the first time you ever hated something??  When I was a little boy I don’t think I hated anything.  But soon my parents started telling me what to do.  I started not to like that.  Then when I got spanked I didn’t really hate because I knew I deserved it.  It kind of molded me to think and act more appropriately.  Then I became a teenager.  I hated pimples.  I hated feeling insecure.  I hated pretending that I was not.  In the Navy, they really got tough.  You didn’t get a chance to think for yourself.  Then came Hell Week.  I hated the cold.  I hated the pain.  I hated the exhaustion.  Well, not really.  I was proud and I was not alone.  We were forged into men.

I hated the politics in business.  I never saw anything coming.

I never knew what hate really was until I got older.  I never knew what it was until I started hearing others say how much they hated others.  The wars were sure reasons to hate.  Slavery was a sure reason to hate.  Racism was something to hate.  Bigotry was something to hate.  Lying is something to hate.  Selfishness is something to hate.  Prejudice is something to hate.  Prejudging is something to hate.   There is too much hate to hate.

I hate the way politics has evolved.  Finding fault is now a science.  A blemish is a headline.  A sin is covered up.  Money makes truth go away.  Talking points obscure realities.  Makeup hides the pallor.  It is no longer easy to see the truth.  I hate that.

I hate to keep going back to television…  But this is the media where we can see and hear the damage of hate.  I go to one cable station for one form of hate…  I go to a network for another kind of hate.  I go to another for international hate.  Sublime hate.  In-your-face hate.  A restaurant of hate.

Maybe that is why the Food Channel is so popular.  What’s to hate?  Nothing…  as long as they don’t visit pistachio ice cream restaurants…


Chris Bent

Kennebunkport ME


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