“I know someone who goes there who sleeps with”….. or… “That church is people who think they are better than us” …. or… “That denomination is so full of rules.  Forget it”….. or….. “Everyone looks at what you are wearing”…..or…”They ask you to do things I would not be comfortable with”.

Have you heard or thought this before??.   Bet you have..

All valid excuses to stay away from church. What is going on?   Have our churches failed us??

Have you ever heard of kids who were raised strict? Where their parents set boundaries and promoted values??  Where parents not only said no but also disciplined??   Nine times out of ten these kids ended up successful. That is my experience. I say wow!  To strong work ethics, integrity, honesty, humility, and no sense of entitlement. Then there are those who had no parents, but were influenced by some seed of good, compassion, and morality along the way.  They had the same appreciation for the value of work and of giving of oneself.

As for the kids who self indulged in the symphonies of permissiveness..?? Well, you know the story…. And they…… don’t.

Our world used to know what the difference was between black and white. Today, all hail the grey where all accountability and responsibility goes to the “excuse”.  Our media wallows in analysis of a system that failed the individual. Certainly not the individual failing the system.

Are we not tired of listening to the blame games, parties blaming the other, leaders blaming the blamed?   What folly!!   And this is what our youth and we all allow under the guise of entertainment and news. There must be a reason why Johnny hit Mary. Call the psychiatrist.

Everything is grey now. No need to worry. Long live the Grey.  Media rejoice, so much to talk about….   Talk, talk,talk.

We have become obsessed with the feelings of others.  Think about it….  Way beyond common sense caring.    Protecting feelings has become a religion for those who want no religion. We worry about what someone else thinks of us and adjust our behavior to address that fantasy. Ninety-nine percent of the time we are just wrong.   It is idiotic to think that we know what someone else is thinking. Most minds are so introverted and do not care about what you think at any given moment unless texting, of course….LOL.

Heaven forbid if we call something evil. Evil does not exist. It exists only as “socio-economic aberrations” to be cured by sensitive diplomacy and deniability. If you admit that evil exists then you might have to address the concept of the Devil…. Oops that is going into science fiction….

Speaking of fiction.  How come the NY Times Book review cannot comprehend or really categorize the #1 continuous Best Seller of all time? Is it fiction..?? They believe it to be but won’t say so….. hmmm…   If they call it non-fiction…?? Hmmm?  Then they would be endorsing??  And they would be mocked by their own…. So I guess the Bible has little to do with anything other than the far right conservative zealot’s need for religion??

The need for White has never been greater. White stands for values, beliefs, borders, love, and commitment thereto.

The most admired people have real, not material, core values. These are the ones to trust.

Ok… where do you find out about such things?   In Churches.  Hello?? Who is failing who?  Is it we who are failing our churches???

Next time you see a Church person go hug them. You need it more than them. And if they are Christian, all the better to me.

What is wrong with an opinion?   Let’s celebrate them and move on.

Chris Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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