From the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD™


It’s getting harder to hide.

Submarines have gotten quieter.

They know how to hide better these days.

In WWII there were these explosive depth charges that were shot out forward.

They had a much better kill record.

Today there are all kinds of detection sensors and sophisticated torpedoes. The chess match is played underwater all around the world.  Nuclear tipped persuasion.

Underneath Wall Street are new forms of money manipulation that go on quietly.  They have escaped detection by the IRS… The greatest detection agency we have.  A befuddled bureaucracy that could not make these profit shufflers pay a fair share.  Profit hogs.

Mainstream America is left out of the equation. Yet their backs created the foundation for every company that succeeds.  Management and worker alike never see the profit of their toil.  Shares in what?  Financial sophistication is made from fax and phone alone.  No sleeves rolled up and hands dirtied.

How do you make the system more fair?  I have no clue.  But it is time for someone to try.

It’s not just Hedge Funds… they are just refinements of a financial dynamic that could reward more.  These profits can be sent to infrastructure, medical, and job creation.  Taxation must be simplified.  Government expense must be reduced.  Management accountability must not just be a phrase.  Civil servants must serve, not shuffle paper.  Government is not profitable… Companies which get fat fail.

Entitlement that gets fat fails.  Except… there is no way to measure it until it is too late.

The Hedges hog too much.  These minds could be profitable in a different sense…  for us, not self.  They can be part of the solution and not the aggravation.

There is enough need in our nation, much less the world, to keep them busy and their boats at the dock.

So let the pot be stirred.

We can do better.

Author’s note: This writ is Chapter 9 in the book 1-800-OH-MY-DONALD, a commentary on the politics of our times. It seems that Mr. Donald Trump has stirred the spirit of the nation and forced a long overdue conversation on the inefficiencies of government and bureaucracy and politics.

The book is not an endorsement of any political figure but more so provides the talking points they are missing. LOL

The Donald is sure controversial, but who cares? He has raised the bar.

No chapter is more than three pages and each is loaded frowns and smiles.

The book is humorous and provocative.

“Oh My Donald” OMD: Opinions Of Mass Destruction…. of the status quo….LOL

Chris Bent

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