“Hi Mom”.

How come whenever I look at the Today Show and they pan the people outside all you see is “Hi Mom” signs?

My first reaction is what about us dads??  Then I reflected that a mother’s eye never leaves the child.  Point taken.  Discussion moot.

But what about the “Hi Mom” signs that don’t appear in the rest of the world?  Think about it.  I am going to make this disturbing.

We hear all the clatter in America about justified women’s rights.  We have come a long way…..  OK, but we are traitors to the cause internationally.  Media and activists show no spine or conviction or honor when they do not take up the cause in Africa, the Far East, or the Middle East.  Women’s rights??  There are none.  Brutality, hard and soft, is perpetrated by the male dominated cultures.  The insane, male/egocentric obsession with control over the female is a cancer on the dignity of man.

I am sure that under the guise of Human Rights there is a category for women.  Under the guise of state-sponsored political correctness there is a whitewash of this gender injustice…  no…excuse me…  gender holocaust!

This topic is not on the table..  Or if it gets there …time is not left on the agenda….

Why do we chastise ourselves for any transgression when what is being done to women in other countries is revolting.  Where are our talented feminist activists?  Oh, sure there is the occasional afternoon interview show that shares the plight of an African tragedy that a woman survived to tell the story….

Why can’t there be a war declared against female abuse?  Why?

Of course, we have a hard enough time determining who is a terrorist…  Or protecting the sensitivities of the proven criminal.  Why can’t we use drones against regimes that brutalize women?   Let’s fight for real causes, not geo-political dead-end streets.

Why can’t all women on our planet walk their streets with security and freedom?  Let a veil be a garment of choice, not of fear.

This is where I want to use my large capacity magazines.

Why aren’t there “Hi Mom” signs in Tehran?


Christopher Bent

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