Hillary for President.

OK…  I had to use this title to get you to read this…  Yep, I tricked you… but did I?

What are the requirements to be a good leader?  Does it hold for both business and politics?  How about educators, scientists, humanitarians??  Do we have different standards for different leaders, executives, officers????

Well, I’ll bet that today they have to be insensitive…have no feelings… that’s what I think.  For if they show feelings the media will be all over them.  Criticism is in vogue and is the fast info food of the masses.  Masses??  That’s you and me.  Scour backgrounds for anything.  Vilify and roast at 6:30 PM.  If one has a human tic or uniqueness see if you can make fun of it or SNL it….  Where is class?  Where is respect?  Who is responsible for what?  Is there anything we won’t text???

How much fun is it to be a President and be continuously mocked by the opposition?  Mocked?  Mocked almost sounds Biblical.

If you listened to the mocking you would think that every President has been a buffoon.  Has anyone sat in their skins?  Has anyone listened to all the expert advice they have been offered by those surrounding them, the media, and anyone who can reach them?  Hindsight for us makes it easy to mock mercilessly with chosen perspective and bias meant to drive home the still elusive truth.  Were we in the oval office when one man had to make a decision to which there was no assurance?  Hawk or dove….we won’t know for a 100 years.  Invade? Drop the atomic bomb?  Increase sanctions?  What do we really know in our lifetimes???

Ok..  we have established you had better not have feelings.

Now, most important is that you must have experience and lots of it.  I would hope you have governed, run a business, held office, and had developed communication skills.  Without all these you are in trouble.  Good luck.  History will not be kind to the novice.  Let’s make the Presidency PG-60.

As they say in real estate…  location, location, location.  As we should say in the oval office… integrity, integrity, integrity.  Character defines every moment.  A past can have its spots but can also be a powerful sculptor of character.  Hide nothing and win everything.

In fact, who can throw the first stone?  And why do we act like we can???

Hillary is running.

Who can run against her with class?


Christopher Bent
Naples. FL


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