There is so much on my plate!

Like a giant plate with all the people you have to talk to, make decisions for, encourage, reprimand, and gossip with. Then you pour a red sauce of emotions all over the top and begin your day. LOL

Incessant demands. Are they always going to follow one around? How do you get rid of them? Or avoid them? I got married and they increased… LOL

Some people choose to go off into the wilderness to live. Or very small towns in very rural areas. Some choose to not take televisions with them. Extremists forgo computers and even smart phones. Are they smart?? Do incessant demands compromise the quality of life or are they just part of making life better?

If you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. If you don’t like evil then look the other way.

There is no escaping incessant demands. Phones ring more often. Texting keeps one’s head attached to the screen. Looking down. Looking down. Incessant demands. Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest…… it goes on and on.

How does a kid have a chance to be a kid?

How does a nation have a chance to be a nation? It is too busy with it’s busyness. Bureaucracy communicating incessantly to bureaucracy with us only as statistics. Incessant reports to be authorized only after incessant approvals.


How can a president of anything manage anything on a human level?

Would you repeat that?


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