Have we become legally insane??

I know it is insane to write this.  Some of you are already reaching for your phone…..  Because when you hear someone say something not funny or even funny these days you had better be on the safe side and report it.  We will never know who is calling about whom.  The telephone control room for the first responders will always be hiring.  On the application just say you know how to use a phone.  Oops…someone is knocking at my door.

Please do not think I am talking about mental illness. That is for the experts.

However, regulations are in the works to define all forms of insanities and how to carefully respond to them in appropriate stages so everyone involved in the process is on legally sound ground.  Real fine print kinda ground.  Of course, as a matter of obvious logic, each of these steps will have to be signed off on by three supervisors…

Once this infrastructure is in place there will be a group from both Houses who will have to determine what the boundaries will be.  Will they be defined by acts, intents, or words?  Thresholds for relevancy fleshed out etc.  I am sure this will require only a minimum of debate.

Unfortunately, there is no way to keep good and bad out of this discussion.  They will also have to be re-defined in light of 21st century realities.  I hope that evil is passed over or it could extend these determinations.  All must be completely recorded, transposed, and cross checked for veracity by a select committee of savvy politicians and attorneys.

Then, of course, it will have to be voted on by the individual states and endorsed by a Supreme Court when contested.

Ok, once good and bad is sorted out, we have to address new bedrock values as the old ones are the ones that got us into trouble in the first place. Values. What values do you hold dear?  Are they prioritized for the sake of analysis efficiency?  Then we have to take everyone’s values and collate them with a prioritizing factor. This has to be done legally and reviewed at appropriate junctures.

Am I nuts?  Why have we legally bound ourselves to fine print?  Where is a handshake and trust?  Where?

There is an old adage that says “Just do it and apologize later”.  I like it. Caution: Data mining will pop this up and codify me as potentially subversive.

This is insane.  Is it legal to be insane?  Or is it insane to be legal??


Christopher Bent
Naples, FL














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