What looks like beauty is looks.  Boy, is she good looking.  She is beautiful.  As I stared across the room at this hair and face that caught my attention I became mesmerized.  I could not take my eyes off her. I wanted her.  I had the feeling that we were soul-mates and that life with her would be perfect.  She was a 60th Anniversary Corvette.

Hey guys… have you been there?  Life is a showroom?  You know that your radar is on whenever you enter a restaurant, bar, beach, or bank…or wherever….  Capiche?

What is it that catches your attention?  Yep, the looks.  The looks only.. The curves, the fenders.  You got to get up close to look inside.  Yesss… leather and dials and knobs…. And the starter.  With a Corvette you know what you are getting, performance and identity.  But with a woman you have no clue.  The best hair, the best dress, the best eyes…  You have no clue.  But you don’t care as looks are what counts.

We judge by the cover.  We want someone to look the way we want.  We want someone we vote for to look good.  If they look good then we are comfortable as we want others who like things to look a certain way to like the same looks that we do.

But looks have nothing to do with soul… with what is inside.  We learn this the hard way and probably hurt some fine women along the way.  It takes a good amount of quality time away from the wine to find comfort and commitment.  When looks become secondary we have arrived at the beginning.

My daughter made an award winning film called Shooting Beauty.

It is a supersonic emotional flight into what we want to know… the truth of manhood.  If you turn away you lose it.  If you walk straight forward and take the hand of one who has been dealt a weak one…then you will taste beauty.  If you help the afflicted to smile and laugh you will trigger their beauty. Your beauty emerges in the reflection of theirs…  When you can bring this to someone in need, not in a bar but on their humble home turf, you will never turn back.

Most of us fear to go where we are really needed.  Most have let their values erode so they no longer have the eyes of greatness.  They hide behind the laughter of the group rather than standing alone with the denied.

My God, are my daughters beautiful.  Inside are temples of compassion and love.  Your own child is yours alone to mold.  They are the canvas of life and we are the brush. They form their outside, but we paint their inside.  “Beauty lies within” we have always been told.   Why don’t we listen?


Maybe it’s our ears?  Maybe it’s our eyes?  How do we get so misled?  Deep down in our hearts we kind of know the Truth.   But looks got in the way of beauty.

Vroom, vroom. Six-speed with paddle shifters……..



Chris Bent

Kennebunkport , ME  



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