I was made in America.

I was born in New York.  I was not born in Africa.  I was not born in China.  I was not born in Iran.  I was not born in Mexico. How come I was not born in Siberia?  I don’t know.  But I’d like to meet the Guy who made the decision and shake His hand.

Why does everyone want to come here?  Can’t they just leave us alone and solve their own problems?  We did ours….  Kill off as many of your own as you want.  Just leave us alone.  We will even provide a little foreign aid for you if you do.

We don’t have anything you can’t have.  Liberty, justice, and freedom for all.  Just do it.  Equality?  Human rights?  Just words that make so much common sense  that everyone understands. Capiche??  So get on with it.  Google all you need to structure your country like ours…  cast some votes…  throw out the bad guys…  show women some respect… and be kind to animals…  and… you may get even more foreign aid.

Ok America, what the heck is wrong with you?  Why are you setting such a bad example to the rest of the world?  Great job in managing family without fathers.  Great job in legalizing nonsense and pot, metaphorically speaking.  Great job in legalizing the legalizing of everything so fine print is your new god.  Great job in idol worship at the expense of value worship.

Yet everyone still wants to be Born in the USA.. (Thanks, Bruce).  Go figure.

Now we used to give birth to all kinds of product in the USA. But somewhere greed took over and managements in both business and labor started to get paid much more than they should.  The rest is history.  But everyone wants to become an American citizen.  (I hope it is not for the entitlements…)

You know we put a man on the moon.  I’ll just bet we could build factories in our homeland and put man back to work.  I’ll just bet CEO’s could make it happen if their bonuses were at stake.  And, by the way, they aren’t the bad guys, they are the good guys.. if they would reconnect with their values.  Their leadership is essential.   But they must work alongside the worker, shoulder to shoulder, to build mutual respect.  Ask a veteran how it works.  Ask a Navy SEAL how it works.

Made in America.  Heck, let’s make everything in America.  Let’s make pride and trust and teamwork more than chalk on a Harvard blackboard.

Christopher Bent
Naples, FL


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