Celebrities gather and sing “We Are The World”….

Do we?

From space our diversities are irrelevant…

We celebrate our differences and our cultures.

But at birth we do look so alike.

We are family.
When a woman or child is abused anywhere it is really to your family.

Except we can’t see it that way.

We desecrate God with intellectual dismissal.

But without Him, there is no family. There is no Father.

The SEALs are some of those who are on the very dangerous front lines of confronting this evil indifference.

To do nothing is like leaving your front door open with your children inside, alone.

There are evil forces out there in nations and religions that wish us harm.

Our heads are in the sand to the cloaked threats of annihilation.

Brave men are needed more than ever.

One world is the noble dream.

“We are the world”.

Chris Bent

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