Partisan Ship

Partisan ShipWe sailed the seven seas.

We discovered America.

We gave it a Constitution.

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall, So Help Me God”.

Through fine print and litigation, we have neutered the intent of this famous and necessary document.

We have changed as a people. We are driven by wants and feelings. Nobody is the same. Our differences rule rather than bind. Free this and free that… Free expenses… Free insults. We are no longer classy. Bicker and bite. Besmirch and distort all in the name of freedom. We have sprayed our sanitizer on our ethos. We no longer believe in what we believe.

We have boarded the largest Titanic ever… I hear it is 40 miles long. Partisans in First Class. Believers in Second Class. This ship is going to sink. Ship of fools?

All the computers in the world will not be able to put our Partisan Ship back together again.

I suggest Celestial Navigation.

We all learned it in the Navy.

You look up to the stars.

As the Beatles sang… “Come Together…”


For the visually impaired – Listen to the author reading


Chris Bent, former Navy SEAL UDT-21, is the author of 11 books. Troubled by all the pain and injustice in the world he is driven to write in brief chapters that touch universal truths. Helping us search and find where we are meant to go. Helping us make a difference. Helping us not to quit. Hopefully.


  1. S. Bradbury says:

    Oh my gosh Chris – you’ve nailed it again! In your unique minimalist writing style you have spoken volumes. Sensible folks’ hearts are broken by our culture/country’s current mindset.

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