Cruising along in life wondering what is next?  Around the next turn?  In the next meeting? On the next face?  In the next text?

When you are young all looks so bright and promising.  Health and vigor dominates and assures that all can be managed.   Protected from harm the rainbows all have pots of gold.

Then as young adults,  wars and conflict enter lives.  Some people do turn out to be bad.  The beckoning of pleasure and avoidance both seductively lead one down different paths.  Self centered…. one charges forward..  People get hurt.  Feelings are trespassed.  We become responsible for things we wish we weren’t.

Full speed ahead.  Through the front looking glass life still looks amazing.  So many people have so many great things.  There is no reason we can’t have them too.  Work hard, make money, and be happy.

But as the years go by things build up in the rear view mirror.  There are mistakes we made that privately still bother us.  In fact they just don’t go away.  They don’t wash off easily. They hide deep down.  Pleasure only obscures them for a day or so.  Why won’t they go away?  Why does having possibly hurt someone gnaw at us?  Why? …  Aren’t we in control of everything….?  We can decide what to think about…  right?  If one chooses to harden oneself and pretend they never happened then we become insincere, false, insecure, and a non-person… certainly someone not worthy of trust.  Yes the rear view mirror starts to take over and we can no longer drive straight and give all our focus to the needs of the present and future…

We need a wiper for the rear view mirror.  It is called forgiveness.  It’s available in special stores for free.  But they are not in Google.  They have to be found on foot.  Not-quitting.  Enduring the uncertainty of an unfamiliar journey.  Our only compass is found within.

This requires of each of us to reconsider all choices made.  To revisit our core and re-determine what we stand for and what we will not stand.


Most dismiss such a thought as folly.  For them there is no journey and the assurance of insignificant growth and reward.

The rearview mirror is frosted with regret.  The wiper is the heat of Truth that is kindled in forgiveness.  Then a quick glance will affirm that the past is clear and the way ahead is without distraction.

We need to be fueled with the truth and wisdom from the past, not the pain.

Full speed ahead.  Humility in tow.

I now know where I am going and how to get there.


Christopher Bent
Naples, FL

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