It was 9:30 AM today, December 21, 2012 and our employees and I held hands in silence, a national moment of respect for a great loss of innocence.

Some of us, I really wished it were all of us, could say this was a moment of prayer.  Prayer to an invisible God we know in faith is there. But the word prayer is shunned by those who choose to believe otherwise.  I cannot see how there can be hope without faith.  How you can be “lucky” rather than “blessed”.

A moment of respect.  Respect is also becoming a diluted concept.  A person can be making a point in a dignified manner and anyone can now stand up and yell and scream their opposition.  A child now more often answers a parent with a “whatever”.  A celebrity is pulled over and dismissively tells the officer  MY lawyer will handle this.…. A clergy implies a Biblical reference and is mocked.   Values are now the target of sarcasm.  Is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier too militaristic? This is where we are heading.  Respect?  What is there of value anymore?  What should we respect?  Parents? The law? Money? Fun?  Right to do anything we want?  Is sacrosanct now a ridiculous concept?

Don’t  mess with my Facebook, my texts, my tweets….   The new sacrosanct??  Respect my right to my communications, my music, and my videos.  Then we can talk.  I will respect your feelings.

Meanwhile, kneel for Newtown.


Christopher Bent
Naples, FL


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