How in the world does a woman find the right man?  Mr. Right.  The guy who will provide and protect, be faithful and caring.  Always ensuring no harm will come to her and their family.  To nurture and love, providing the home from which to grow and contribute to mankind…  Character, integrity, and values are essential…  Looks never hurt either.

Does a woman have a right to find the right man?  In the United States she sure does.  Does she have a right to choose?  To pursue happiness?

What about the man? How does he find the right woman, the one who will cornerstone her family and raise the children?  In a marriage is the woman an equal?  Big question.  What about obey?

What happens if you don’t marry the right person?  What happens if Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong?

Marriage is becoming confusing. Diffused. Regulated. There are cultures where it is upside down and children are assigned to grievous unions.

Why shouldn’t sexy men be told to cover up their faces too?

We have an expression… “What is good for the goose is good for the gander”.  Hmmm…

Should there be equalities or not?  Should not gender abuse be better defined?  Should not the United States be more specific about women’s rights?  Should not our country be the greatest place in the world for women to live?  Are we not already proud of the advancements made?

Why do we hold climate change higher than women’s rights?

Which is killing more children?

Will Mr. Right stop getting things wrong?

Christopher Bent
Kennebunkport, ME

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