Let’s form a new special interest group, the SPCR.  The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Rights.  I am so sick and tired of rights being abused, watered down, and used as issues against the majority.  Whew…this is really dangerous terrain…??

Let’s amend the Right to have Rights.  Let’s define that the majority oppresses all minority interests and feelings.  Let us raise the smallest group of like minded to decide the rights of all who feel differently.  There is no more room for good unless it is the minority.  Where nothing has value unless it has no value.  Bet I got you with this…  LOL.

We can make anything legal that we want … unless of course, it is opposed by a sincere self-interest group.

Sound like chaos??  Well, step back… and let’s be honest…absurdity is approaching..

If your values are not mine, then yours are wrong.  I am so thankful we have a Supreme Court to help us decide if our rights are right.  But all it takes is one vote to the contrary and my rights are wrong.  Is that right?  For one person to decide the fate of another??  Much less a majority??  Of course you have the right to say that I am wrong, but I have the right to get a ruling that you are wrong.  And the SPCR is behind me!  Unless they think I am being cruel to your rights…LOL.

If my wife wants to shop at midnight on Sundays who has the right to deny her shopping rights?  Aren’t her feelings and needs important too??  What is a right?  Can some court define better??  I have a right to fight for her rights.

We need Lincoln back.  We have become slaves to rights.

Christopher Bent
Naples, FL







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