Rules are meant to create order and keep one from harm. Rules try to put us on a path that ends in good… Well, it so happens that we did not like the original rules.  Guess what? We then wrote more rules to make the original rules easier to manage. OK… Our legal system seemed fine and things hummed along…

Then what the heck happened?  This country was founded on principles which came to be out of date??  Go figure!  Were our founding fathers just not sensitive enough?  Of course, they could have no vision as to the impact of new technologies.  Do we still hold their principles to be transcendent and based on the sanctity and worth of the individual?  Lofty goals?  (Pun intended.)

Now I remain positive about our potential to strive for higher goals.  (Last pun intended).  But do we not get it?  That more rules and regulations inevitably complicate this journey.  Legislators have become the minions of legal technicality.  Lawyers are so prolific that they are like waiters in a legal soup kitchen.  Lawyers have these ear trumpets affixed to the sound of anyone in disagreement, waiting to issue volumes of self-justification.

Then again, lawyers are our paperwork police.  Heroes in a complex world where their long hours looking for truth is a service to all.  As long as they are serving us.  As long as their principles are lofty and unselfish….

“In order to proceed, click ‘agree’ “, which we do as the associated fine print would require us to have a lawyer.  How absurd that they cover their fannies while we can’t afford to….  CYA is now a driving legal force in every enterprise.  Ever try to read the fine print?  It is a waste of time.  Did you try to read the ballot on Election Day?  It was an insult to the voter.  Disrespectful in its incoherency.

Rules are now so confusing that they are creating disorder and harm.  This is not where we began.


Christopher Bent
Naples, FL
Kennebunkport, ME


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