Sea legs is an old nautical term that describes someone new coming on board and the time it took to adapt to the rhythm and rolling of the ship in heavy seas.

It is, at first, tough to maintain your balance when every axis moves. There are smells and sounds all of which can make one seasick.

Heck, even some of you landlubbers can get sick on a cruise ship doing nothing but sailing smoothly along. I remember some very stormy rough plunging days on a small ship in the pacific. I was new, and up on the conn it was a roller coaster. But the throwing up soon ceased as I got my sea legs.

We all think we know more than we do. You think you know as much as your boss until you have 10 years under your belt and you realize there was more to learn.

Try and tell teenagers they don’t know what they are talking about. They have sea legs for nothing.

Now one would think cell phones are so easy. That facebook is so easy. That twitter is so easy. And on and on. But even these require sea legs!! Over time one makes mistakes in saying something one shouldn’t have to someone you shouldn’t have. Copying someone by mistake. Several times I wanted to throw up. I wasn’t careful about what I was doing. I didn’t have my social networking sea legs!

It is human nature to assume one knows more than one does. As you get older, and as you get really older, you see things you never did 5 years prior. Age is kind of sea legs.

How about what one knows about what is right and wrong?

How about what to do about evil or…. Unfairness?

How about knowing when to just act without further discussion.

How about setting one’s own lines in the sand?

In the sea of life, sea legs means knowing that helping others is the only thing that can keep you from heaving over the side……

Chris Bent

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