Shame.  Never think about it much.  Yep, I have some things to be ashamed about.  Happened a while ago.  Guess most..or many of us can say the same.  We kinda keep it to ourselves and move on while trying to make up for it.  Life is really about making the best of every new situation that is offered one.  Get real.  This is the truth.  Carry guilt and it will bury you.  Get forgiven and you can build upon your wrong.  You can mean something in special ways to people you never knew before.

Shame.  Hmmm…  It is really an ugly word.  We love to hear about others’ shame.  Even that could be considered shameful.  When others look the other way as the shamed pass by there is pain.  Feel it.  It is not nice.

We all have different standards for shame.  Usually we are all too ready to judge.  And usually the shamed deserve to be judged until …  they repent…  and ask for forgiveness….  Or something like that.

“It’s a shame”.  “Shame on them”.  “That was shameful”… they whisper.  I do not want to do anything that could bring shame on anyone, much less myself.   “It’s a shame that baby died”…  “It’s a shame that he did that to her”…  It’s a shame that our borders leak”.  “It’s a shame that the poor are poor and the rich are rich”. “Shame on those laws”.  “Shame on that disrespect”.   Gets kinda fun thinking about how many ways one can say, “Shame on them”.

I wish I didn’t have to take this from the abstract to the specific now.  It was a sort of setup. There has been so much tragedy, especially the hurricane.  You see Americans we rush to the crisis.  Guys are coming from all across the USA to serve their grief stricken brothers and help rebuild the shattered homes and lives.  Just like 9/11.  It is who we are.  It is all about our Judeo-Christian heritage and values.  Period.

Sadly, this is also about my family, a small and special group of guys who would give their life for you in a heartbeat.  We were put through a physical and mental training that reduced you to breathing and believing.  SEALs.  My time with this community was short compared to these days, but I know who we are.  From the Medal of Honor recipients, Mike Monsoor, Mike Murphy, and all the others to the guys currently downrange.  Google their stories, go ahead, I dare you. There is not one of us who would not have been on the roof in Benghazi.

It’s a shame that nobody came to their rescue.   They didn’t ask for much.  They seldom ever ask….  Those two Navy SEALs… But they asked… and we could have been there …even if late… Shame on us for not hearing what we should have heard.  Who says you don’t fight because you may get hurt?  It’s a shame we lost two of our very best.  The response… Fire an Admiral??  Amazing…  Medals are due all.

Where is the truth?

Shame on who?



Christopher Bent
Naples  FL

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