Similarities.  We are in awe of similarities.  We share similarities with other humans and even living things.  Crazy.  How can one be so different and yet find a similarity elsewhere?  We can easily find similarities with our parents.  Heck our DNAs are similar.  Dolphins are mammals, so are we. They are magical as we superimpose feelings and responses on them…  Fascinating.  Ever swum with one??  Kindred spirits.  Why?

Of course there are the monkeys and all warm blooded creatures that breathe air.  But we will just stick with our fellow humans for today.  I don’t get intelligent thought.  How could things have been written and discovered thousands of years ago, way before any communication systems, much less electricity?  Amazing.  History is amazing.  They were bloody and fought a lot back then.  Has it changed that much???  It’s just different. They fought to protect family and values way back then, however crude.  Their truths were similar to ours…  Maybe less perverted by sentiment and media…  maybe..?

Love has been around before reason.  Couldn’t have had kids without some sensations of affection and caring.  Even caveman and cavewoman. Think about it… We had to get here from somewhere.  Forget the ape stuff and celestial God particles…  let’s stay real.

Of course if one gazes millions of light years into the farther galaxies you can find similarities…  Certainly beauty.  But then again we can look at sunsets on the ocean… each unique, but always similarities…   We can criticize with similarities or praise with comparisons.  We like to have someone say we look like some celebrity.  Plastic surgery is available to the vain who wish, in the back of their minds, to look like someone else.

Then again there are our heroes.  False and real.  Why would one not wish to have similarities to a Lincoln, a Martin Luther King, or a gifted person we may have been exposed to?  Not one of any we pick are without flaws.  None without sin.  But it is the humans that we have to choose from. “I would like to be like…”

We have all said that.  But maybe not if you had walked in their shoes.  Maybe not if you knew their upbringing or secret pains.


This similarity thing gets complicated real fast.  Heaven forbid one has similarities to a tragic or evil person.  I want similarities to a good person, an unselfish person, a humble person, a successful person.  I was lucky… that was my dad.  But now we have to worry did we live up to them?  Did we make them proud?  Or, on the contrary, if your parent wasn’t so good, or even never showed up…  you still want to make them proud in spite of their failings.  You also want to find forgiveness for them so the pain chain is broken and their heritage can no longer hurt anyone.  This is complicated terrain.

From childhood, deep in our sensitivities and identity, lie questions, insecurities, and self-doubt.  We need to find similarities with the strong and virtuous to embolden ourselves into noble and joyful pursuits.  We need to be similar to or synonymous with values.  We need to be known for values.  We need to “hang” with people of values.

But not on a Cross.


Chris Bent
Naples, FL

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