Thank God, my name is not on the list. You know, the list of guys in Kennebunk, Maine who were playing Zumba for all kinds of pleasures. Darn it the gal got caught and the police are obligated to put all the names of the pleasure seekers on their Police Blotter. There was this actual debate as to whether it was fair for their names to be made public.

It seems as if we have created a culture and fraternity of who got away with what. Politicians refuse to make hard, honest decisions. Wall Streeters often look the other way other than at the bottom line. Bankers just want to bank regardless of proprieties. Moral rightness is too often an obstacle to profit or truth. Think about it… being moral is now politicized to being on the far right…. hmmm…. beautiful…..

So what is fair to the guys on the list? You and I both know that sin is just bad fun. Why should you or your family be punished because of the type of fun you were having?? Why?? Looks like Kennebunk has finally put herself on the map. It is important that this is Kennebunk not Kennebunkport… LOL Much ado about nothing other than fun… well… a certain kind of fun… Scarlet Letter kind of fun…

We have a legal system that has refined and defined all kinds of bad activities from murder to lying under oath. False misrepresentation to stealing to abuse to dealing. You get into this world and your name is in the blotter. We know that we will be made public if we do wrong. We know that our family will find out and be hurt. But we go ahead and do it. Why?? Ok… prostitution is only really just bad fun. And it feels so good not to get caught. It is addictive and really fulfilling. If you don’t get caught.

Oops all mothers kind of think it is really bad. The government with its laws says it is bad. Are they right? Or is it just bad fun??

Will we step up to the plate and answer this question?  We appear to have withdrawn from conflict that involves stating a personal position on most things as we try to sort out all the liberal nuances to every decision.  Then we have the mandates of the right???  Oops the right that others now call wrong.  We are entering important philosophical arenas where only gladiators of truth and deceit survive.  Which are we?

What is truth if it has been so parsed by a legal system that has become a god unto itself.  Where is the God of love, compassion, fairness, and truth?  Why have we abandoned Him?


After all, sin is just bad fun.

 Chris Bent



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